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List of Golden's investors

List of Golden's investors
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Andreessen Horowitz (also named a16z) is a US venture capital firm, founded by Marc Andresseen and Ben Horowitz in 2009.

SV Angel is an angel investment group founded in San Francisco in 2009 that primarily invests in early-stage technology companies. Notable companies SV Angel has invested in include Stripe, Reddit, Notion, Headspace, Color, Patreon, Credit Karma, Poshmark, and GitHub.

The a16z Cultural Leadership Fund connects cultural leaders with emerging technology companies with the stated goal of enabling more African Americans to enter the technology industry.

Gigafund is an investment fund focused on investing in technology companies with long term potential that is headquartered in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2017 by Luke Nosek and Stephan Oskoui. Notable investments made by Gigafund include: SpaceX , Golden, Luminous Computing, and The Boring Company.

A British entrepreneur best known for founding companies such as The Million Dollar Homepage and meditation app Calm.

Jude Gomila is an entrepreneur and investor. He is CEO and Founder of Golden. He previously cofounded Heyzap and has invested in over 200 companies.

WndrCo is a holding company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco focused on investing in consumer technology businesses.

An American entrepreneur best known for being a co-founder and the CEO of Disqus.

An entrepreneur known for being the co-founder and CEO of Airtable and co-founder of Etacts.

American musician best known as the co-songwriter and guitarist of the rock band Incubus.

A venture capital firm with a focus on investing in technology. It was founded in 2017 and has offices in San Francisco, California and London, the United Kingdom.

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