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Eclypsium protects the foundation of a computing infrastructure, controlling risks and stopping threats to enterprise firmware and hardware devices.

Eclypsium is a provider of firmware security services intended to make cyber defenses more efficient. The company's services defend the firmware and hardware layer of critical laptops, servers and network infrastructure, as well as proactively find weaknesses in a device, enabling users to mitigate the risk and proactively defend against threats like firmware implants and backdoors. Eclypsium protects organizations from the foundation of their computing infrastructure upward.


Eclypsium provides a solution for protecting an enterprise from firmware threats. Their software platform provides visibility into the firmware running on all the key components of the client's laptops, servers and network devices. At a glance, the client can see if there are implants or backdoors in their firmware, if it is vulnerable to known threats, or if it is just out of date and in need of patching. Client's will receive guidance on the severity of vulnerabilities, and links to the latest firmware updates, so they can mitigate threats and protect their assets.

The proposed security benefits of firmware protection include reduced hidden firmware risk, recognize known and unknown firmware threats and mitigate possible damage, verify new components and hardware to ensure they have not been tampered with, break the cycle of re-infection from hidden implants, and an automated and unified security system.


February 8, 2021
Eclypsium® announces a new technology integration with Kenna Security's Kenna.
February 27, 2019
Eclypsium announces a collaboration with Intel to help organizations manage the entire firmware attack surface.
February 26, 2019
Eclypsium exposes bare metal server flaw.

Cyber security vendor Eclypsium, who specializes in protecting firmware, has disclosed a vulnerability in how bare metal servers are managed.

December 2018
Eclypsium raises a $8,750,000 series A round from Andreessen Horowitz, Intel Capital, Madrona Venture Group and Ubiquity Ventures.

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