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Fact API

Enrich research, sales, and marketing with fresh, canonical knowledge.


Keep your records fresh and factual, wherever they are

Our real-time Entity API gives you the factual, structured data on every lead, contact, and account to give you up-to-date business intelligence at the moment you need it.

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Enrich people, companies, and venture capital firms

Add 100+ data points to people, companies, and VCs in your target market, including locations, industry tags, number of employees, investors, funding history, social and official URLs, and much more.

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Integrate fresh, canonical data into any leading CRM

Whether a tech sales team, or a startup building a pipeline of potential investors, without CRM data enrichment, your top teams struggle to hit their necessary targets. Our Entity API and Query API connects into all leading CRMs with ease.

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Refresh, supplement, and correct your database with our flexible and scalable API

Entity API

  • Rich variety of standard and exotic fields: From descriptions, thumbnails, locations and funding rounds to legal form and subsidiaries.
  • More than structured data: Pull in short entity descriptions to help disambiguate your database
  • Entity types beyond companies: Cryptocurrencies, venture firms and other types.
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Query API

  • Programmatically access your queries: Use the Query API to fetch all results from the Query Tool.
  • Keep your systems up to date: Automatically populate all your internal tools with the latest data.
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