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You can now generate Queries using natural language in our Search Bar.

Data Requests

Lodge rapid data requests to generate canonical information on any topic area.

Request canonical research at the atomic level

  • Topic and entity level: Request data on a single topic, all of its structured data, or a single field.
  • Query level: Request data for empty cells or request cell enrichment.
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Rapid research

  • Quick turnaround: Receive an ETA for each of your Data Requests with status updates in your dashboard.
  • Notifications: Get promptly notified when the research is done and jump straight into your results.
  • Closed loop feedback: Provide feedback on the research, easily request more further research, and converge exactly on the data you need.
  • Research as a team: Add colleagues to your Workspace to allow them to see one anothers' Data Requests in a live feed view.
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