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Golden's ChatGPT Plugin

Conversationally query facts, entities and topics inside ChatGPT using the Golden Knowledge Graph.

Search for 'Golden' in the ChatGPT Plugin Store.

Link into the power of Golden via Chat

  • Explore the full topic page on Golden
  • Link over to the Golden query tool from chat
  • GPT4 enabled
  • Perform data requests for missing data
Search for 'Golden' in the ChatGPT Plugin Store.

Frequently asked questions

Who can access the Golden ChatGPT Plugin?

Currently only users that are on the ChatGPT Plus plan have access to install plugins
If you do have a Plus subscription then you will need to enable the plugins beta features. You can do this in ‘Settings’ under ‘Beta features’.

How do I install the Golden Plugin?

Select ‘GPT-4’ and ‘Plugins’ in the top model selector.

Click on ‘No plugins enabled’ then ‘Plugin store’ to open the plugins store.

Search for Golden in the search bar, then click ‘Install’ next to the plugin.

Try our ChatGPT Plugin

Get on the waitlist or install the plugin now if you have plugin access.
Search for 'Golden' in the ChatGPT Plugin Store.