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A tool that gives you the power to query the Golden Knowledge Graph with precision.

Precision filters

Fine-grain: Build queries with highly granular filters to zero-in on very precise results.

Bulk results: Use common, simple filters to find very broad results.

Flexible boolean searches: Use nested filters, multi-stacked filters, and rich boolean operators to get to unique combinations.

Unique data

Unique entity types: Query different entity types e.g. companies, investment vehicles, and people but also cryptocurrencies, strategic partnerships, products, and clinical trials. trials.

Filter on exotic fields: From B2X to consensus mechanisms to Instagram handles, use uncommon properties to get to entities of interest.

Extensive industry tagging: Highly specific technical tags matched to companies, technologies, people, and more.
Users find unique datasets with the Query Tool by leveraging the unique entity types and fields from the Golden Knowledge Graph.

Query Alerts

Precision alerts: Get notified when a new entity fulfils your query.

Set frequency: Daily or weekly; set the pace of your updates.

Team alerts: Include colleagues in your alerts so they receive updates as soon as you do.

Save and Export

Saved Queries: Save useful queries into your private organization to revisit at any time and improve team transparency.

Save to List: Record subsets or full queries into custom Lists and easily construct complex, data-rich views in seconds.

Export to CSV: Download your query results for external usage in a CRM, custom tool, or to easily share with colleagues.
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