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APENFT-is an investment in the best NFT platforms and artworks, an incubation of the works of NFT artists. APENFT was officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021 to meet opportunities and address pain points in the industry.

Intel is a multinational technology corporation that manufactures computer parts, including microprocessors and semiconductor chips, the latter of which Intel is one of the world's top manufacturers measured by revenue.

Sony (Japanese: ソニー, English: Sony; once translated as "Xinli") is a multinational conglomerate from Japan, with the development of electronic products as its main business, and its business areas span consumer electronics, video games, finance, entertainment industry, semiconductors , smartphones, cameras, video cameras, stereos, etc.

HydraDX is a Basilisk cross-chain liquidity protocol on Kusama founded by Mattia Gagliardi and Jakub Greguš.

South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Zen is a Russia-based company founded in 2015 by Arkady Volozh, Ilya Segalovich, Anton Frolov and Vitaly Grigorash.

Y Combinator (also known as YC) is a US-based seed accelerator, which was started in March 2005.

Company, Organization & Product, founder of Igor Shekhterman, based in Russia, Netherlands & Netherlands

SOSV (formerly SOS Ventures) is a venture capital firm founded in 1995 by Sean O'Sullivan that provides growth, seed, and venture capital funding to startups. SOSV runs six seed accelerator programs: HAX Accelerator, Chinaccelerator, MOX, IndieBio, RebelBio, and Food-X.

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