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Cultivation of life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life

All over the world, the population knows what agriculture is and in the majority is engaged in it. At the moment, in the modern world, thanks to modern technologies and the latest information in agriculture, humanity manages to grow a very large number of crops, which provides food for the whole world. For many, farming is a way of life.

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is the labor in which a person is engaged in growing, caring for and selling plants and livestock. Agriculture was one of the main achievements in the development of settled human civilization.

A bit of agricultural history

It can be said that it is thanks to agriculture that civilizations have developed over the centuries, and each of them has been identified through its own kind of agriculture. When people began to grow crops, they also began to herd and raise animals, which also helped in development. People spent surplus products and this helped them to survive in conditions of crop failure. Thanks to agriculture, the first cities were formed, due to the fact that the nomads could not leave the cultivation of their crops.

A period of important agricultural development began in the early 1700s for Great Britain and the Netherlands, when the first machines were developed for simpler work. Every year there were new inventions, methods of processing, fertilization and cultivation.

Are there different types of agriculture?

  • Traditional farming

It consists of the following stages: changing the natural environment, planting crops, growing crops, processing, fertilizing, irrigating, using fertilizer to provide nutrients, consuming the energy of many workers to support.

  • Sustainable agriculture (agroecology)

Сonservation of the natural environment and the use of ecological principles, joint planting of many crops, fertilization with organic matter, selection of plants -so that workers spend less effort on support.

Agriculture went hand in hand with the development of mankind and helped to survive. As now, it is agriculture that gives us food, work, energy.



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