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We’re mapping topics and entities to provide comprehensive insight into scientific, technological, and industrial areas.

Topics & Entities

Multi-data types: From full text prose, to multimedia and timelines. Get a full picture in one place.

Organized: Each page is easy to navigate with a layout that is easy to extract important information.

Automated updates: Our A.I. continues to add relevant pieces of data whenever it becomes available.
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Speed up your knowledge acquisition. Get an efficient, neutral, and deep understanding of a topic or entity in one place.


Structured data: With over 100 fields for any given entity, the infobox presents easily digestible data for the human eye.

Exotic fields: A trove of hard-to-find and non-standard fields e.g. spinout companies, whitepaper links, products, and consensus mechanisms.
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Quickly obtain structured data on a topic or entity without needing to search across various sources on the web.


Deep dive: A broad and considerable understanding of leading fields of technology and science.

Entity index: A comprehensive collection of topics and entities surrounding an industry or market space.

Commercial context: View the companies, people, institutions, and technology surrounding a market.
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Deep market map, all in one place. Obtain the companies, people, technologies, and institutions surrounding a market, industry, or field.

Research, store, and share

Store the knowledge: Save any topic and entity you find useful or important to a private List in your organization's private domain.

Request more data: If you require more prose or structured data, the Research Request system is baked into every page.

Share: Share topics and entities of interest with colleagues with a direct link to the page or through private Lists.
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Log your learnings to revisit them and share with your team.

Transparency & Trust

High-resolution citations: Hover over citations to display highlights that aid a tighter binding between claim and evidence.

Transparent revision history: A full history of all changes made to an entity or topic with revert and restore capabilities.
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Cut down the time of fact-checking. In-line, high-res citations make it easy to see exactly where a fact has come from without combing the web.
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