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knowledge engine

We are automating the construction of the largest open knowledge graph of entities and topics.
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The Web's fragmented knowledge, all in one place

Golden uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to extract canonical information on topics and entities from a wide range of public and private sources.

We ingest data from numerous sources and mine our own knowledge graph in order to provide useful insights.

We then allow you to search, query, and ask factual questions of the Knowledge Graph in one simple to use Search Bar.


Access rich, canonical information on topics and entities

Through our extensive data mining efforts, we distill key elements of information that describe entities and topics, making it easy to level-up knowledge in an area, pin-point exact information, and stay ahead of industry shifts.

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Use the Search Bar to construct Queries, ask factual questions, or find topics and entities

Our search bar uses natural language processing to find exactly what you're looking for based on the terms you use to search - whether a query, a question, or a single entity.

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Query TOOL

Query the knowledge graph

The Golden Research Engine is a comprehensive discovery tool that helps to research and track information on specific topics including companies, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, crypto projects, people, and more.

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Data requests as a service

Cut lead time and cost of research by using the Data Request system. Activate data requests at different levels of abstraction: from a single data point or query to a collection of topics or deep information on an entity.

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Use the graph to power your organization's knowledge

Replace stale spreadsheets of data by using Golden Lists. Export data via our CSV, API or Integrations. Skip the maintenance headache by tapping into Golden’s canonical information to power your fields with the privacy and flexibility of running your own custom fields.

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Build team momentum with collaborative research

Assemble your team’s collective intelligence by discovering, tracking, and organizing knowledge.

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Get the facts you need with Data Credits.

Use a single Data Credit for every structured data field you request or entity that you export — simple, fast, and cost effective.

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Fresh, factual, structured data on every lead, contact, and account.

By leveraging our powerful API, you can stay informed as soon as new knowledge is discovered. Enrich your CRM and databases by connecting to our ever improving knowledge graph.

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Upgrade your brain with Golden for Teams

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