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The Golden Research Engine is a comprehensive knowledge tool to research and track information on specific topics including companies, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, crypto projects, people and more.

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Customers love us

Rahul Vohra
CEO of Superhuman
It's certainly one of the most impressive products I've seen this year!
Robert Yaman
CEO of Kiran Meats
I was really impressed by the quality of the content there, especially with an industry that changes as fast as cellular agriculture.
Rob Rhinehart
Founder of Soylent
The editor and overall site experience have been phenomenal. Great job.
Insiya Lokhandwala
Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
Golden is building a mind-blowing knowledge base.
Alexander Lorestani
CEO of Geltor
This is amazing.
Tito Jankowski
Co-Founder of BioCurious
I discovered the AI suggestion feature which made me say "wow."

Use AI to accelerate your research

Golden extracts and structures information in meaningful ways to help analyze trends and patterns among target entities. From topic prediction and extraction to taxonomic detection, Golden connects to real-time sources of data to populate its knowledge base.

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Brian Armstrong
Congrats to @judegomila and team on the launch of @Golden and great to see cryptocurrency as a major initial area
Super high value tool right here! Applicable to all the deep science domains we work in! Congrats @judegomila @Golden
András Fehér
Waiting for the time, when we will say, according to @Golden...
Gilles Poupardin
What @Golden is building is remarkable. Mapping human knowledge, one topic at a time, and already a goldmine.
Love the @Golden design, the insightful & diverse content, and how it is structured. Congratulations @judegomila & team! 👌
Abhishek Joshi
18 years later, a startup to take on @Wikipedia --> @golden
Prof Judy Backhouse
Like @Wikipedia, only better? @Golden looks like a great idea.
Farshad taheri
This was something I have been dying for in the past 7 years to save me hours of my life. Great job @judegomila @Golden Keep rocking and build the future.
Flux Research
As someone who occasionally edits Wikipedia I'm glad to see this: @Golden's "mission is to collect, organize and express 10+ billion topics in an accessible way, presented in neutrally-written and comprehensive topic pages using AI and UI to automate the process where possible."
Chris Powers
@judegomila @Golden seems like an amazing tool for people like me, who like to live close to the fringes of business, science and technology.
Troy SK
@judegomila @a16z @foundersfund About time! Congrats and I hope more people start their knowledge quest from @golden. Saves so much time. 👏👏👏
$umon Sadhu
The internet used to be open, celebrating niche knowledge and used to be for the benefit of everyone. Now there is another place to contribute that doesn't include writing everything from scratch. In the advent of machine learning Web 2.0 is back. Congrats @Golden on launch.
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Cyan Banister
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Luke Nosek
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Lee Linden
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Matt Humphrey
Ola Okelola
Early Engineer
Trip Adler
Aston Motes
First Employee
Howie Liu
Christina Brodbeck
First Designer
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