Find a needle in a haystack
Find exactly what you need with the Golden Research Engine. Make an impact in your company by staying on top of the latest knowledge.
Query across the Golden Knowledge Base
The Golden Research Engine is a comprehensive knowledge tool to research and track information on specific topics including companies, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, crypto projects, people and more.
Track and query with unprecedented precision
Separate signal from the noise by using our fine-grained structured data tags in your queries and filters.
Enrich your data with our knowledge
Export data from Golden queries and lists to use in your tools. Or take advantage of Golden’s private organizations to privately share knowledge across your team.
Golden for companies features
See how Golden can improve your company's productivity and decision-making process.
Keep updated with smart alerts
Get notified when important information you care about changes. Receive email alerts for new results to your saved queries, or when specific data changes.
Fine-grained querying
Golden allows you to use hyper-specific terms and keywords when querying our knowledge base. This saves you time by getting to what you were actually looking for.
Easy export
Export query results into CSV files, integrations, or via our API.
Save and share
Save your queries with one click, and share them with your team to collaborate. Whether your team is trying to identify the competition, find strategies, track industry trends, or just gather queried knowledge in one organized place, this is a perfect tool.
Comprehensive API
Use Golden’s fully-featured API to get the exact data you need into your own systems.
Let AI aid your research
Golden’s AI will chase gaps in our data based on your queries. You can rely on our AI to end up finding what you were looking for.
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Contact us today to get a demo schedule with our team.
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