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List of artificial intelligence companies

List of artificial intelligence companies
List of machine learning companies
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Artificial intelligence (AI)
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Intel focuses on the design, manufacture, and sale of computer hardware, as well as the provision of networking, data storage, and communications solutions.

Synthace is a software company based out of London, UK, building automation software that gives biologists the ability to control and analyze the performance of lab hardware.

Plug and Play is a Sunnyvale, California-based company founded by Saeed Amidi that offers a service that includes accelerator programs, corporate innovation, and investment. Previous investments include Dropbox, PayPal, Lending Club, N26, FiscalNote, Honey, Rappi, Guardant Health, Shippo, and SoundHound.

DeepSig is an early-stage startup that develops deep learning software to reinvent wireless communications.

A bioinformatics startup company that develops and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to analyze scientific data in order to create human health and bioscience applications.

Butterfly Network is a company developing and designing a medical imaging device for real-time and three-dimensional or 3D imaging and treatment.

Paravision is a San Francisco-based provider of facial recognition and activity monitoring software. Paravision was previously known as Ever AI.

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