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Menlo Park, California

Menlo Park, California

City at the eastern edge of San Mateo County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California

Menlo Park is a city in the USA located in California, on the outskirts of San Mateo. From the north and east, it is washed by the San Francisco Bay. Menlo Park is located close to the worldwide famous Silicon valley.

That is why this place was chosen by many high-tech corporations as a suitable place for the offices and headquarters. The city stretches over 45 km2, the population grows over 33,000 people.


The name has Ireland roots, it is means «middle lake». In 1851, two immigrants bought the land for the ranch and named same as their home village in Ireland.


Menlo Park was one of the first officially registered municipalities of San Mateo, but kept this status for only 2 years and abandoned it in 1876. The reason was the desire of local residents to reduce the tax burden.

The status of the municipality of San Mateo returned only in 1927.


According to estimates made in 2010, the majority of the population of Menlo Park - 70.2% - are whites. The remaining 29.8% are African American, Indian, Asian and mixed race.


Menlo Park is home to the regional offices of many well-known companies, the largest of which is Facebook. According to the announced plans of the giant, Facebook is going to build a vast settlement here.


  • During the First World War, the city served as a training camp location for soldiers.
  • Google starts its way in here.
  • The prince of the Tongan royal family, along with his wife and driver, died here in a car accident in 2006.



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