Republic in central-eastern Europe

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March 2020

Poland launches a smartphone app, called Home Quarantine.



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Michael Kahn
May 13, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic wipes out jobs and empties offices across the world, companies in Central Europe that provide remote, lower-cost services for multinationals are emerging as winners in the new business order.
May 10, 2020
Today Newspaper
Poland's election day Sunday was one for the history books, as polling stations remain closed and turnout will clock in at zero due to a political crisis set off by the coronavirus pandemic. Also read: Indian diaspora in Poland protest against CAA and NRC The EU member of 38 million people found itself in this ...
May 7, 2020
In "Buried Worlds with Don Wildman," the iconic Travel Channel host takes his thirst for adventure into terrifying new territory to explore mankind's darkest mysteries. In his newest series premiering on Travel Channel on Monday, June 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Wildman is on a mission of a more cryptic sort, heading to remote regions of Peru, Haiti, Bulgaria and beyond - visiting the dark chasms and caverns of the paranormal and supernatural, tracking alleged lingering ghosts, devilish demons,...
Foo Yun Chee
May 6, 2020
Poland's biggest refiner PKN Orlen has offered to sell assets in Poland to address EU antitrust concerns over its planned acquisition of smaller rival Lotos , people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
Sai Manish
May 6, 2020
Indian bureaucrats are studying several options before devising a voting plan in the midst of the coronavirus crisis - for Bihar election later this year, and three other state elections in 2021
Reuters Editorial
May 5, 2020
Microsoft will invest $1 billion in Poland as part of a plan that will involve opening a data centre in the country to provide cloud services to businesses and government institutions, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.
By TERRY TANG, Associated Press
May 4, 2020
Houston Chronicle
PHOENIX (AP) - The Phoenix Zoo, struggling like others worldwide during coronavirus closures, has found an unlikely savior in a sloth. While Fernando may be a slow mover offline, the 4-year-old Linne's two-toed sloth has risen rapidly on the internet. Since Fernando joined Cameo, a video-sharing platform where people pay for celebrity shoutouts, the zoo has received 150 requests for a personalized clip. His popularity let the zoo boost his fee from $25 to $50. "I think we've gotten more creative, kind of thinking a little bit outside the box. We're trying things we never have before," said Bert Castro, Phoenix Zoo's president and CEO. Social media is one way zoos worldwide are engaging with people who can no longer visit - their main source of income - and raise some much-needed cash. Zoos and aquariums have brought adorable distraction by posting photos and videos of animals, but the closures mean they're still in jeopardy. While a smattering of zoos, from Utah to Germany, have started reopening with social distancing rules, there's no telling when they will reach their usual levels of visitors and revenue. Besides jobs, the well-being of the animals is at stake. "They can't just send their employees home and turn off the lights and lock the doors. They have to care for animals," said Dan Ashe, president of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The association's 220 U.S. zoos and aquariums, which typically host a combined 200 million people annually, all closed, Ashe said. A recent survey showed more than 60% have laid off or furloughed employees. About 60% of its members have applied for loans through the federal coronavirus relief package intended to limit layoffs at small businesses and nonprofits. The Phoenix Zoo, a $1 million-a-month...
Reuters Editorial
April 27, 2020
Polish airline LOT is in talks with Boeing to modify its 787 Dreamliner jets into temporary cargo carriers, a LOT spokesman told Reuters, in a move that could help to narrow losses from the coronavirus crisis.
Reuters Editorial
April 24, 2020
Poland's state-owned airline PLL LOT has cancelled all passenger flights until May 15 citing the government's and European Union's air traffic and border restrictions, it said on Friday.
Anna Koper
April 17, 2020
Poland's telecoms regulator has dropped a deadline for its first 5G auction due a government clampdown designed to tackle the spread of the corononavirus.
April 14, 2020
In the shortest distance between two points is a straight line news, this is some Big Brother footage from Rąbień, Poland of a car entering a roundabout at high speed, hitting the center embankment, and reaching for the stars....
Reuters Editorial
April 14, 2020
Toyota Motor Corp <7203.T> on Monday said it plans to restart limited production at vehicle plants in France and Poland from April 22 after closing them due to the coronavirus pandemic.
April 10, 2020
This is an example of the nuclear explosion lamps made and sold by Poland based Etsy shop evilincEU. They consist of a wooden base and wire armature covered with airbrushed cotton and cost about $130 (plus $22 shipping). They...
April 8, 2020
, , , , • The proof of concept (PoC) network is the first big step in the digitalization of critical communications in Polish energy sector -- a top priority for the government, , • The 450 MHz band is being adopted across Europe for smart grid applications, , • The final private wireless network will potentially support 15,000-20,000 private radio users over LTE/4.9G, as well as wireless connectivity for up to 14 million smart meters and 35,000 existing and future SCADA connections, , , , , , Nokia a...
Zaheena Rasheed
April 6, 2020
For the fourth day in a row, the numbers have dropped from the previous day in Spain as global deaths near 70,000.
Reuters Editorial
April 3, 2020
Poland is working on a smartphone application to help trace people who have come in contact with those infected with the coronavirus and warn them about the possible risk, the Digital Ministry said on Friday.
Thomas Escritt
March 31, 2020
If Tomasz Jamro, an emergency ward nurse in eastern Germany, returns home to see his wife and three children over the border in Poland, he will be stuck: authorities there will quarantine him for two weeks.
March 30, 2020
, , , , • PGE's Dolna Odra Plant will be equipped with two GE 9HA.01 gas turbines and two STF-D650 steam turbines to deliver world-class efficiency and flexibility for the combined cycle power plant, , • 1.4 gigawatt (GW) plant will produce the equivalent electricity needed to power approximately 1 million Polish households while meeting the most rigorous environmental standards for emissions, , • Project to play key role in the transformation of power system in Poland and support growth of renewa...
Reuters Editorial
March 27, 2020
Polish fashion retailers may not survive the coronavirus crisis if the government, banks and shopping mall owners do not help them bear the costs, a lobby group said on Friday, as Poland closed non-essential shops to stop the spread of the virus.
Bibi van der Zee
March 23, 2020
the Guardian
Live export truck on the Turkish side of the Bulgarian/Turkish border. Photograph: Jo-Anne McArthur/Weanimals


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