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Real-time Pipelines

Build entity-powered Kanban-like investment, sales, or people pipelines.


Leverage the knowledge graph in your pipelines

Whether a tech sales team, or an investor trying to find the next unicorn, leverage data updates in the Golden Knowledge Graph to aid your pipeline objectives.

Create a Pipeline

Auto-updating data

  • Graph powered data: Use the Golden Knowledge Graph to power canonical fields, cells and entities enabling auto-updating.
  • Automatic name and thumbnail updates: As the entities change in real live your pipeline stay up to date.
  • Collaborative: Immediately begin working with colleagues by building Pipeline views together.
  • List integrated: Leverage Golden Lists to maintain private fields on entities in the pipeline, set custom stages and manage the pipeline in relation to wider tabular data.
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Conditional triggers

  • Automatic data acquisition: Set logic to move entities between stages based on changes to knowledge graph changes to an entity (e.g. if a company becomes 'inactive' drop it out of your pipeline).

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