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Mercantile provides a financial technology solution to help small businesses compete against larger competitors.

Mercantile's goal is to unify the purchasing power of small businesses to negotiate with suppliers and deliver discounts for their top vendors' offers. The company accomplishes this by providing an industry-specific credit card to small business owners that unifies their purchasing power to deliver customized discounts on top of other standard rewards and perks, such as airline miles, cash back, insurance on rental cars, and more. Mercantile partners with software providers and associations in a variety of industries to distribute these credit cards as an additional benefit to their customers, creating also a supplementary source of revenue for the partners.

The company has a fully remote workforce. Each of Mercantile's employees receives equity in the company besides a salary. In addition, various talks, conferences, and professional development events are available to them. Mercantile also offers full coverage health, dental, and vision plans for each employee and their dependents in Canada and the US.


February 3, 2021
Mercantile was founded by Luke Finney.

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