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Operator Partners

Operator Partners

Operator Partners is a wealth management company founded in 2020.

Established in 2020, and headquartered in New York, United States, Operator Partners invests in early-stage technology companies and founders. The firm invests in technology companies across Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A and prefers to invest alongside a lead VC check; if there is no lead yet, they help the founder find one. The firm does not take board seats.

Investment funds

Operator Partners raised a total of $1.8M in a single venture fund, Operator Partners. This fund was announced on May 27, 2020. In 2021, Operator Partners made about eighty-eight investments, including that of December 12, 2021, when Sensi.Ai raised $14M. At that time, the firm had made seven diversity investments, including that of Sep 29, 2021, when Benepass raised $12M. Operator Partners's most notable exits include Bridgecrew and Weav.

Engagement areas

Depending on industry and stage, below are some of the areas the firm commonly engages with their founders:

Inception, early product, and customer work
  • Evaluating early product iterations
  • Making introductions to early customers, domain experts, and potential co-founders / founding employees
  • Helping with initial customer development best practices
  • Product marketing and sales positioning
  • Crafting the story—how the pitch shifts from pre-seed to seed to Series A and beyond
  • Developing the target investor list and making introductions to potential leads and strategic angels
  • Fundraising process—which firms to target and when
  • Advice on term sheet negotiations—how to maximize round and financial terms
  • Building a recruiting culture—making recruiting a competitive advantage
  • Defining hiring sequence / strategy and interview structures
  • Building out job descriptions and helping to articulate target role profiles
  • Assisting in candidates CV reviews, interpreting interview performance, and advising on hiring decisions
  • Interviewing and assisting close candidates
  • Sharing job descriptions with the partners' network and referring candidates
Strategic Partnerships & BD
  • Helping to provide guidance on strategic partnership execution, governance strategy, and key term negotiation
  • ​Helping with evaluating equity investments from strategics
Building Security and Compliance Programs
  • Supporting key investment decisions (scoping a program, balancing between services, tooling, and hiring, vendor selection and evaluation)
  • Supporting team building (interviewing, organization design)
  • Helping with information security architecture
Investor & Board Management
  • Founder compensation negotiations with investors/board
  • Guidance and strategy on structuring investor updates, board materials and board meetings
  • Independent directors advice and serve as a sounding board


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