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The a16z Cultural Leadership Fund

The a16z Cultural Leadership Fund

The a16z Cultural Leadership Fund connects cultural leaders with emerging technology companies with the stated goal of enabling more African Americans to enter the technology industry.


The a16z Cultural Leadership Fund (CLF) is a partnership between Andreessen Horowitz and cultural leaders to advance more African Americans into technology. Such cultural leaders include Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Will and Jada Smith, Shonda Rimes, Chance the Rapper, Shellye Archambeau, and more. Industries in which the funds are to be used included gaming, health technology, financial technology, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. The goals of the CLF are twofold:

1) Connect cultural leaders to the best new technology companies.

2) Enable more young African Americans to enter the technology industry.

The fund was raised by Chris Lyons and had a value of more than $16.5 million. Funds will be used for Andreessen Horowitz portfolio companies that are interested in partnering with the aforementioned cultural leaders who invested in the fund.Furthermore, fees and carried interest associated with the fund will be donated to non-profit organizations that have a focus on fostering diversity in the field of technology. Non-profits that have received donations include those teaching people of color how to code and another that trains Black, Latinx, and Native American leaders to enter the technology industry.


August 22, 2018
Andreessen Horowitz Cultural Leadership Fund announced.

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