Kite.Com is a San Francisco-based company that builds AI-powered auto-complete features for developers.

Kite is the developer of a digital assistant for Python developers called "Kite Copilot."

The company's platform suggests relevant code snippets, in real-time, and trains its machine learning models with publicly available code sources from developers. This AI enables programmers to complete entire function calls with a keystroke, saving developers significant time searching online. Kite's editor integrations allow users to work uninterrupted on the same screen and the ability to edit code. Kite works in both a cloud environment or on a local machine.


Kite's platform is an artificial pair programmer. It augments a coding environment with programming knowledge and machine learning. The platform shows examples and documentation for the libraries and terminal commands used and can detect simple errors and fix them. Kite's platform offers line-of-code completions trained on over 20 million open source files and multi-line completions. Kite can also recommend code snippets based on defined variables in the codebase.


Kite can integrate with multiple IDEs, including Atom, IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, JupyterLab, Spyder, Sublime Text, VS Code, and Vim. Kite is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Kite works for Python and JavaScript.


Kite has a Free, Pro, and Team Server subscription levels. The free software offers completion and local code processing abilities. The Pro offers the same features as the free software as well as line-of-code completions, multi-line completions, intelligent snippets, import alias completions, dictionary key completions, support, hover tooltips, function signatures, and one-click documentation. The Team Server subscription level offers larger machine learning models custom-tailored for up to 100,000 lines of code, on-premise deployment, and more generous support for teams.


May 12, 2020
Kite launches Pro plan for its AI-powered Python code completions, adds JavaScript support
May 2, 2019
Kite, the AI autocomplete for Python added Linux support for Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian, Fedora, Archlinux, Linux Mint in response to community feedback.
January 28, 2019
Kite launches line-of-code completions and goes cloudless to perform all processing on local user computers.
January 28, 2019
Kite raised a $17 million funding round.
June 20, 2016
Kite.Com raises a $4,000,000 seed round from AAF Management Ltd., Caffeinated Capital, Drew Oetting, East Ventures, Emmett Shear, Eric Kwan, Greg Brockman, Jeff Seibert, Kenneth Ballenegger, Kyle Vogt, Lee Linden, Matt Mullenweg, Max Levchin, Mike Vernal, Oyster Ventures, SV Angel, Sujay Jaswa and TSVC.
April 2016
Kite.Com raises a $4,000,000 series A round from Matt Mullenweg, Max Levchin, Mike Vernal, Oyster Ventures, Pillar, Raza Shaikh, SV Angel, Sujay Jaswa, TSVC and Wayne Chang.

Funding rounds



Adam Smith

Founder and CEO

Benoite Yver


Brendan McDonnell

Operations Lead

Daniel Hung

Product Manager

Juan Lozano

Machine Learning Engineer

Sinan Ariturk

Machine Learning Engineer

Tarak Upadhyaya

Machine Learning Engineer

Tony Cheang

Machine Learning Engineer

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May 12, 2020

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March 28, 2017




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