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Desktop Metal is a Burlington, Massachusetts-based metal 3D printing company founded in 2015 by Ric Fulop, Jonah Myerberg, and Ely Sachs.

Desktop Metal is a manufacturing company that is producing metal 3D printing systems. The company provides office-friendly metal printing systems, which are suited for low volumes of 3D printing, as well as another large-scale industrial system.


Desktop Metal has several products that each target different audiences. The Studio System+ is an adaptation for the original Studio System and has new print capabilities as well as scaleable design. It consists of a printer, a debinder, a furnace, and automated software that makes it easy to use in a low-volume office setting.

The Studio Fleet system uses the same technology as the Studio System but is capable of delivering five times the throughput of the aforementioned system. This system uses five printers, two debinders, and a furnace. It can be used by manufacturers in situations such as low volume production of custom parts and pilot runs prior to mass production.

The Production System is intended to be used for large-scale manufacturers. It uses bi-directional printing so that the printer is spreading metal powder, binder, and anti-sintering agents in both directions, thus manufacturing products as a faster speed than traditional 3D printing. The Production System has been used complex metal parts such as a spauger bit.


Desktop Metal uses various materials for its 3D printing. For example, 17-4 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel are available to be used to make metal objects and parts using the Desktop Metal systems. Other metals are in development to be used, such as copper and alloy 625.

The Process

Depending on which system a client is using, the software can be automated or a simulation can be designed in order to prepare for the printing process. Next, the metal object is shaped by bound metal rods in a process called Bound Metal Deposition. The object is then soaked in proprietary debind fluid, which dissolves primary binder in order to create an open-pore channel so that the object can be prepared for sintering. Finally, the object is heated to a temperature near melting and the remaining binder is removed. The final step of the process allows for the object to densify.


The company provides software for use in their 3D metal printing systems. Fabricate, Live Parts, and Fab Flow are separate software systems intended for use in the company's 3D metal printing design and fabrication.

Fabricate is intended to be used with the Studio System and is user-friendly, allowing for the automation of the 3D printing process. Live Parts allows for users to create simulations of the objects they want to print so that they can optimize the design of their 3D object. Fab Flow is meant for high-volume fabrication shops and combines communications and workflow management into the software.


Chris Schuh, Ely Sachs, A. John Hart, Jonah Myerberg, Ric Fulop, Rick Chin, and Yet-Ming Chiang co-founded the company on October 31st, 2015. Lux Capital Management was one of the first investors in the company in 2015.


August 26, 2020
Desktop Metal raises a $275,000,000 venture round from Chamath Palihapitiya, HPS Investment Partners, JB Straubel and Miller Value Partners.
June 2019
Desktop Metal starts shipping systems to Europe

The company expanded its shipping to include Europe as well as The United State of America and Canada.

January 2019
The company raises $160 million

Desktop Metal announced this morning that it has raised $160 million. That Series E brings the Burlington, Massachusetts-based metal 3D printing company up to $438 million.

January 2019
Desktop Metal raises a $160,000,000 series E round from Koch Industries and Riot Ventures.
July 2017
Desktop Metal raises a $115,000,000 series D round from Future Fund, GE Ventures, GV, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lux Capital Management, New Enterprise Associates and Techtronic Industries.
April 25, 2017
Desktop Metal launches two 3D printing systems

Desktop Metal launches two systems it claims to cover the full product lifecycle — from prototyping to mass production–the DM Studio and DM Production systems.

February 6, 2017
Desktop Metal raises a $45,000,000 series C round from GV.
January 18, 2017
Desktop Metal was founded by A. John Hart, Christopher A Schuh, Emanuel M. Sachs, Jonah Myerberg, Ric Fulop, Rick Chin, Yet Ming Chiang and Yet-Ming Chiang.
April 27, 2016
Desktop Metal's investors added in roughly $34 million more.

Desktop Metal's investors added in roughly $34 million more.The initial investment was nearly $14 million.

April 25, 2016
Desktop Metal raises a $33,800,000 series B round from Data Collective, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lux Capital Management, New Enterprise Associates and Stratasys.
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Chris Schuh


Ely Sachs


John Hart


Jonah Myerberg

Co-Founder and CTO

Ric Fulop

Co-Founder and CEO

Rick Chin

Co-Founder and Vice President of Software Development

Steve Billow


Yet-Ming Chiang


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Brian Heater
March 15, 2021
Mass manufacturing may be the future of 3D printing (one hopes), but health products are very much its present. From orthodontics to prosthesis, medical needs are right in the sweet spot for additive manufacturing. Prototyping is a category with a specific ceiling, while true mass manufacturing is still at an impossible scale for most of [...]
Brian Heater
January 15, 2021
Desktop Metal this morning announced its intention to purchase fellow 3D printing company EnvisionTEC. Founded in Germany in 2002, EnvisionTEC specializes in photopolymer additive manufacturing, putting its technology in more direct competition with the likes of 3D printing darling Carbon than Desktop Metal's own existing portfolio. The deal follows Desktop Metal's push to go public [...]
Emily Graffeo
December 10, 2020
Chamath Palihapitiya tweeted that Desktop Metal is one of his largest investments in fighting climate change to date.
Danny Crichton
September 15, 2020
Desktop Metal is one of the most interesting startups to come out of Boston in some time, with a technology designed to "print metal." That's a potentially huge expansion for the 3D printing market, where flexible polymers are the norm, a material that limits the kinds of products that these machines can produce. Little surprise [...]
Brian Heater
August 26, 2020
Desktop Metal's had no shortage of investor interest in its business during in its half-decade existence. To date, the metal 3D printing company has raised $430 million, becoming one of the fastest U.S. companies to achieve unicorn status in the process. Today it also became the latest in a recent string of firms to announce [...]


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