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GC Therapeutics

GC Therapeutics

GC Therapeutics is a company that looks to program stem cells through synthetic biology

GC Therapeutics is a company that has developed means of programming patient-derived stem cells. The company was founded by George Church, Parastoo Khoshakhlagh, and Alex Ng, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

The company has the ability to dictate what cells do through a single step to validate cells for applications that includes tailoring cells for specific diseases. The company is able to provide their services with efficiencies such as ten to one-hundred times speed. They have also developed their proprietary SuperCells which are tailored to battle against specific diseases.

GC Therapeutics was invented in the Harvard Medical School by Professor George Church. They work with biologists and tissue engineers that look to create new approaches for medical issues. The company was featured by Nature Biotechnology as a successful startup, and has been awarded Amgen's annual Golden Ticket for their experience in drug development. They are also working to fight against COVID-19 and do so by utilizing their TFome cell engineering.


January 2020
GCT awarded Biogen with a Golden Ticket for lab space at Lab Central


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