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Manifold is a Vancouver-based company focusing on tools and products for NFT creators and communities.


Manifold works to enable Web3 creators to have creative ownership, preserve on-chain provenance, and interoperate with all major NFT marketplaces. The company's Manifold Creator Contract allows users to mint their own, original non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without needing to code directly, and enables users to mint their NFTs while retaining true ownership as well as provenance over their work.

The Vancouver-based company was founded in 2021 by Wilkins Chung, Eric Diep, and Richard Chan.


Manifold Creator features an extension framework that allows creators to essentially install blockchain applications within their creator contract, which in turn allows them to create products aside from just visual and audio NFTs, with the goal of supporting features beyond just minting them.

From the Manifold Studio Dashboard, creators are given the opportunity to start a contract with a click of a button, and the studio then automatically prepares the Creator Contract before it is sent and compiles it within their browser, which then allows the creator to deploy a custom smart contract mainnet.

In order for a creator to mint an NFT, they provide their asset, customize their NFT metadata, and press the "MINT" button. Manifold Studio has built-in support for high-resolution videos and images, attribute customization, video thumbnail customization, a 100% decentralized permaweb storage, and compatibility with multiple NFT platforms, including Foundation, Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Zora.

Manifold Studio also keeps track of all the work a creator has within their account securely, through the utilization of their Ethereum wallets through a pure Web3 connection, which means no username or password is required. Users can also manage multiple contracts, save drafts, and edit and manage NFT metadata within their secured Ethereum accounts.


Manifold online NFT minting company is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and aims to help artists fully own their NFTs through the usage of smart contracts. Manifold takes advantage of embedded smart contract technology with the goal of offering their Manifold Creator Contracts, which are specifically aimed at enabling creators to take full ownership of their NFTs by encouraging their work to stand out based on the creator's names.

All NFTs that are then minted on the Manifold platform are compatible with and can be sold on other NFT platforms. The platform is free to use and is fully intended to help novice creators build a presence within the NFT space, while also retaining full ownership over their work. Manifold Studio can automatically prepare a creator’s contract and send it to their browser when it is completed; however, once it is deployed, the creator can have full control over it and retain the power to mint ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, two major types of Ethereum tokens. Manifold Studio is being used by known artists as well as Web3 content creators.


October 5, 2021
Manifold closed seed round with undisclosed amount

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