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Halliday is offered Buy gaming and metaverse NFTs and start using them right away.

Halliday integrates directly with games and marketplaces as an alternative payment option at checkout, offering players a seamless way to secure ownership and pay for their NFT over time. Our solution is designed to be as easy and transparent as possible for the user — no surprises or hidden fees. And the best part? Users can start playing with their NFT right away. Instead of waiting for months to race that new car down the speedway, players can take it for a spin immediately.

We offer what's called a repo. A repo is an agreement between two parties (say Alice and Bob) where Alice gives funds to Bob in exchange for an asset, and at a later date, Bob “repurchases” the asset from Alice by paying back the funds.

Our solution is a repo for game and metaverse assets. Once we provide funds and the NFT is purchased, ownership of the NFT is transferred to Halliday. Then after you've paid for the asset to repurchase it, the repo is complete and ownership is transferred to you! And even better, you can use the NFT in-game while we maintain ownership — we split access and ownership rights so that you can start using the item immediately.


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Halliday bags $6M seed round led by a16z - TechCrunch


August 4, 2022


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