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Q-CTRL is a company that develops software for quantum technologies.

Founded in 2017 by Michael Biercuk PhD, Q-CTRL is a company developing software for quantum technologies based in Sydney, Australia. Q-CTRL is a spin-off from the University of Sydney, Quantum Science Group. The company received $15 million in funding on September 10th, 2019 from a Series A round.

Q-CTRL offers a range of products for controlling the performance of quantum technologies. Their products are used in industries such as:

  • Quantum Computing - Q-CTRL products reduce decoherence and errors to improve the performance of quantum hardware.
  • Defense & Aerospace - Q-CTRL's Fire Opal software allows the creation of optimized controls to improve signal-to-noise ratios in quantum sensors and perform real-time target identification and tracking. Applicable in magnetometry, gravimetry, and other standoff detection applications.
  • Health & Medicine - Q-CTRL software can be used in MRI to allow for novel sequencing protocols and analytical tools to help structures and dynamics to be seen in a new way.

Q-CTRL's products are offered either as cloud-based python packages or via an intuitive graphical interface.

Q-CTRL’s customers include IBM, Rigetti, Bleximo, and Accenture.

In October 2019, Q-CTRL announced a partnership with Bleximo Corp. a California-based quantum hardware company. Q-CTRL's software will be used to power Bleximo's superconducting quantum accelerators.


September 10, 2019
Q-CTRL raises a $15,000,000 series A round from Square Peg Capital.

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