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Clover (software company)

Clover (software company)

Clover is a California-based point-of-sale solution provider to SMEs. Clover is a Fiserv company.


Clover Network Inc., a Fiserv company, is building a large, open-architecture, point-of-sale solution aimed at small- and medium-sized business owners. Fiserv is planning to use Clover to create the largest open architecture operating system for commerce-enabling solutions and applications for all types of business owners. Jeff Dickerson heads up the California-based company.

Point of Sale Business

Clover offers a variety of software and bundled software/hardware point-of-sale solutions, including the Clover Station Solo, Clover Station Duo, Clover Mini, Clover Go, and Clover Flex. Clover uses Android as the client platform, which enables the use of inexpensive hardware.

Customers include small- and medium-sized enterprises, such as quick-service and full-service restaurants, retail stores, professional services, personal services, and home and field services.

Clover is a leading point-of-sale provider for small- and medium-sized enterprises in the United States and is expanding globally with business in Argentina, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


Clover was founded on October 1, 2010, by John Beatty, Leonard Speiser, Mark Schulze, and Kelvin Zheng. The company was acquired by First Data in December 2012 for $56.1 million. In January 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data. John Beatty served as CEO until the end of 2020, at which point Jeff Dickerson took over as head of the company.


December 2020
Founder John Beatty retires from Clover after ten years as CEO.
December 2020
Jeff Dickerson becomes CEO.
December 27, 2012
Clover raises a $3,300,000 venture round from Jeffrey Housenbold and Sutter Hill Ventures.
December 2012
First Data acquires Clover.
March 8, 2012
Clover raises a $5,800,000 venture round from Andreessen Horowitz and Sutter Hill Ventures.
April 13, 2011
Clover raises a $5,500,000 series A round from Andreessen Horowitz, Morado Venture Partners, L.P. and Sutter Hill Ventures.

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