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Build Decentralized Finance Platform on Polkadot

About Coinversation

Coinversation Protocol is the first DEFI2.0 protocol platform of Polkadot Ecology. It has been expanded from a synthetic asset protocol to a derivative ecosystem including parachains, DEX, synthetic asset, and stablecoin protocols.

Mint Center

The CUSD generated by the whole system users mortgaging certain collateral. The collateral includes interest-bearing tokens such as CTO and DOT, and users can choose the proportion of CUSD they need to exchange. If stable currency is used as collateral, because it is an interestbearing product, its leverage ratio will continue to decrease and it will never be liquidated.

Liquidity Mining

We will award $CTO to:

• Users who form 3USD LP with BUSD USDC USDT on Coinversation.

• Users who form CUSD+3USD LP

• CUSD-CTOLP users

• Users who stake $CTO


Since the price of mortgage forging needs to be integrated from outside network, the oracle is the most important. The initial system will use off-chain oracle such as our partner Chainlink, DIA to ensure the stability of our forging and liquidation. We will work with multiple oracle to ensure users' assets.Cross-chain Interest When users put interest-bearing tokens such as CTO and DOT into our platform, the platform will show what chain they put into, what products they put into, and what the comprehensive rate of return is.

Platform Revenue

When users put in interest-bearing tokens and generate interest automatically. We will charge a certain percentage of the fee for the interest-bearing part, which we will vote on the chain to determine our percentage. This income will give dividends to $CTO collateralized users, and later we will bind with nodes and distribute rewards to users who vote for nodes. The fee for stable currency exchange will also enter the platform revenue.


The liquidator on the chain can become our liquidation robot. He will receive 5% of the total amount of liquidation as a reward. Anyone can participate in our liquidator. If bad debts occur, we will repay the entire mortgage system from the platform revenue.

System Workflow

Based on the stablecoin protocol of interest-bearing assets built on the Polkadot, using $DOT and $CTO issued by Coinversation to generate interest-bearing tokens, CUSD is synthesized through smart contracts and oracles. Users can mint CUSD by collateralizing tokens that can generate interest, such as CTO and DOT. Bridging USDT, USDC, and BUSD to the Coinversation to form the largest stable currency exchange platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. We will open the API to facilitate all parachains to access our stable currency exchange system and facilitate all chains users can seamlessly use Polkadot's cross-chain protocol.


2020 Q4~2021Q4-Fragmentation protocol, DEX, and synthetic assets have all been developed

2021 Q4~2022 Q1-Participate in Polkadot Parachain auction and deploy our parachain on Polkadot

2022 Q2~2022 Q4-Launch Dex, interest-bearing asset protocol with stable currecies

Strategic Partners (Dia, shiden, chainlink, astar, phala network, rust, anyswap etc)


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September 6, 2020

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