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Aria Pharmaceuticals

Aria Pharmaceuticals

Aria Pharmaceuticals is a first-in-class pharmaceutical discovery and development founded in 2014 by Andrew M. Radin.

twoXAR is a biopharmaceutical company using artificial intelligence for drug discovery and drug development of small molecules that is headquartered in Mountain View, California and was founded in 2014 by Andrew A. Radin andAndrew M. Radin. Partners working with twoXAR are 1STBIO, Adynxx, KemPharm, ONO, Santen, and SK Biopharmaceuticals.

Product pipeline

twoCAR has a product pipeline consisting of more than 18 drug candidates in 3 main disease areas; fibrotic, immunology/inflammatory, and oncology. Fibrotic drug candidates include drugs for chronic kidney disease (CKD), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and endometriosis. Immunology/inflammatory drug candidates include drugs for lupus (SLE), undisclosed Imm2, undisclosed Imm3, and undisclosed Inf1. Oncology drug candidates include drugs for treating giloblastoma, liver cancer (HCC), lung cancer (NSCLC), undisclosed Onc4, undisclosed Onc5, undisclosed Onc6, undisclosed Onc7, and undisclosed Onc8. The company also has other drug candidates for glaucoma, undisclosed Meta2, undisclosed Neuro1, and undisclosed Rare1.


On April 21, 2020 twoXAR announced having positive preclinical data for two of its drug canidates for treating systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); TXR-711 and TXR-712. Both drugs exhibited safe and effective results by targeting two different novel mechanisms of actions in autoimmune disorders—including SLE. The co-founder and CEO of twoXAr made the following statements about the companies success with its lupus drug candidates:

The safety and efficacy data on TXR-711 and TXR-712 validates that twoXAR's unbiased AI platform can effectively and rapidly identify novel drug leads that have high likelihood of being potential treatment candidates. We're excited about the progress we have made in identifying new targets for lupus to help address the high unmet needs for patients with SLE

TXR-711 and TXR-712 demonstrated efficacious and acceptable tolerability in MRL/I mouse models for treating sever flares compared to another drug used for treating sever flares called cycophosphamide. Both drugs were able to improve renal function and decrease renal inflammation compared to the control mice receiving cyclophoshamide.


On June 22, 2020 twoCAR announced positive preclinical safety and efficacy data for a novel investigational cancer treatment it's developing called TXR-311. TRX-311 was shown to have good efficacy and tolerability for treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in-vivo. The preclinical data regarding TRX-311 shows comparable results to the current standard of care for treating HCC with sorafenib, and was presented at the American Associated for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting. The CEO and co-founder of twoXAR, Andrew A. Radin, made the following statements regarding the successful preclinical data of TXR-311:

We are pleased that our TRX-311 in vivo data was selected for presentation at AACR. This study is another demonstration that our approach to drug discovery is effective in identifying novel molecules that have high likelihood of showing positive safety and efficacy signals in preclinical studies. We are thrilled with the progress of our HCC clinical program thus far and look forward to advancing additional drug candidates in disease areas with similar unmet needs.

TXR-311 shows greater activity and selectivity compared to the current standard of care for treating HHC through its ability to kill HCC tumor cells and significantly inhibited the growth of two HCC patient-derived xeonograft (PDX) tumor models. TXR-311 is the most promising drug candidate out of the 10 novel MOAs in the twoXAR drug discovery program for treating cancer at the time of announcing the TXR-311 preclinical data.


June 3, 2020
Howard Rosen is appointed to the twoXAR board of directors
March 10, 2020
Release of 250th version of the twoXAR drug discovery software platform
March 3, 2020
Mark Eller is appointed as the company's President of Research and Development
March 3, 2020
Anjali Pandey is appointed as the company's President of Nonclinical R&D and Chemistry
September 17, 2019
Allen Poirson is appointed as the President of Biopharmaceutical Business Development of twoXAR
Founding of twoXAR

Funding Rounds



Further Resources


Howard Rosen Joins twoXAR Pharmaceuticals' Board of Directors


twoXAR Announces Appointment of Allen Poirson, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Business Development


September 17, 2019

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals Announces Appointment of Mark Eller, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Anjali Pandey, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President of Nonclinical R&D and Chemistry

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals


March 3, 2020

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals Presents Positive Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Data for its Novel Investigational Cancer Treatment TXR-311


June 22, 2020

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals Presents Preclinical Data Demonstrating Positive Safety and Tolerability of Two Novel Lupus Drug Leads

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals


April 21, 2020


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