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Decentralized Social

Decentralized Social

The world's first layer 1 blockchain purpose-built to scale decentralized social applications to billions of users.

What Is Decentralized Social?

Decentralized Social (DeSo) is a tool that enables discovery, connection, and collaboration around common interests while maintaining your privacy. By giving users complete control over their social interactions, DeSo has built a system where the people are in charge instead of intermediaries. In this new paradigm, users are the ones who decide what content gets distributed and how it is used.

DeSo is a hybrid P2P network where data is distributed across a wide network of peers instead of being stored in a central database. This means that there’s no centralized server to hack or DDoS as there is no centralized server. The software uses a combination of Trusted Timestamping and BitTorrent protocols to ensure that information is distributed effectively without relying on a single trusted third party.

The goal of DeSo is to become the most widely used social network by empowering people with decentralized tools while maintaining an intuitive user experience.

DeSo is the first social network based on blockchain technology. It is built with IPFS (Interplanetary File System), a distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. IPFS connection makes DeSo resilient against malicious attacks and DDoS. This is possible because data is not stored in a single location, allowing all users to access and contribute to decentralized social networks.

How Does DeSo Work?

DeSo utilizes a token-based system on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This means that DeSo tokens can be exchanged between peers and used as payment for micro-services within the network, such as posting content, tagging other users, commenting, and liking posts.

DeSo tokens can also serve as a tool to incentivize user behavior that furthers the network or as a way to access special features within the DeSo Network. For example, after a certain number of comments have been made from various network members, those members may then use their DeSo Tokens to unlock the ability to create polls within their posts.

The DeSo Network is built around the principle of Token Curated Registries (TCR). Essentially, TCRs are lists with one key difference from traditional lists. They allow the list members to curate which items are allowed into that list. This means that as a list, you can become more selective as the list members gain influence over time.

DeSo’s TCRs utilize DeSo tokens to allow users to vote on submissions to lists, with each action being a submission to the list itself. This means that if a user wishes to add or remove an item from a list, they must pay the DeSo token fee in order to gain entry into that list.

The entire system is decentralized, meaning there are no servers for a hacker to access or DDoS. The software uses a combination of Trusted Timestamping and BitTorrent protocols to ensure that information is distributed effectively without relying on a single trusted third party.

Every action taken by each user has a cost that must be paid for in DeSo tokens. This applies to actions such as voting, posting content, and receiving notifications. The more times you take action on the network, the higher the token fee required will become due to inflation. In order to incentivize users to continue using the network and further the development of the DeSo community, 25% of all token fees paid will be distributed to holders of DeSo tokens through a smart contract.



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