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SCiFi Foods

SCiFi Foods

SCiFi Foods (formerly Artemys Foods) is a company that makes and provides meat that is animal-free

Artemys Foods was founded in 2019 by Jess Krieger.

Jess Krieger is a biochemist that is interested in cultivating animal flesh in laboratories for mass consumption. The idea behind the company is to allow people to eat meat without the consequences of growing actual animals, or impacting the environment. They don't want to manufacture plant-based meat, as they believe it is difficult to replicate the sensory experience of eating a piece of meat through plants.

Artemys Foods was named after the Greek goddess Artemis, who is the ancient goddess of wild animals and the hunt. The company has the mission to progress and allow humanity to eat sustainable meat alternatives. The meat alternatives that Artemys Foods produces is a cultivated meat, rather than meat that directly comes from animals.

The Artemys Burger is made from a combination of plant-based and cell-cultured meat. They develop cell lines and they look to make the scale up of bovine skeletal muscle and fat cells.


June 8, 2022
SCiFi Foods raises $22M in a Series A.
April 2021
SCiFi Foods raises a $62,400,000 venture round.
June 2020
SCiFi Foods raises a $125,000 seed round from Alumni Ventures Group and Prelude Ventures.

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