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Dark is a company run by Ellen Chisa, Paul Biggar (previously of CircleCI), Stefi Petit, Ian Connolly and Alice Q Wong who are creating a new programming language integrated with an editor, compiler and PaaS.

Dark is a company that has developed a programming language, editor and a hosting infrastructure. The company was founded in 2017 by Ellen Chisa and Paul Biggar, in San Francisco, California, United States.

The platform that the company offers allows users to develop to their needs, and then can automatically deploy, using the infrastructure, on Google's Cloud Platform. Dark's approach takes time to learn a company in order to work smoothly within it. After Dark understands and meshes with a company's codes and languages, the editor is capable of auto-completing, and Dark builds the infrastructure. Tracing is also built in as developers code.

One of the goals of Dark is to prevent developers from coding complexity by accident. To avoid complexity, Dark's holistic programming language and infrastructure is combined with its editor to analyze four to eight of a company's tools (Docker, Git, Unix, etc...) and combines them to simplify operating tools. Dark's platform is not designed to be a language programmer, an editor, or a general-purpose infrastructure on its own, but combines these tools to work with other company tools.

Dark host apps handling the infrastructure, APIs and deployment process.


July 15, 2017
Dark raised $3,500,000 in Seed from 122WEST VENTURES and ten other investors



Ellen Chisa

Co-Founder, CEO

Paul Biggar

Co-Founder, CTO

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Ellen Chisa

San Francisco, California, United States

Programming Language, Editor, Infrastructure


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