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List of synthetic biology companies

List of synthetic biology companies
Cell based meat companies
Plant based meat companies
List of oncology companies
List of therapeutics companies
List of biotechnology companies
Synthetic biology
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Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotechnology company using machine learning techniques and lab automation to engineer microorganisms as a service.

Synthace is a software company based out of London, UK, building automation software that gives biologists the ability to control and analyze the performance of lab hardware.

A non-profit organization promoting responsible innovation in the field of synthetic biology through competition, collaboration, and community.

Impossible Foods is a plant-based meat company making meat and dairy products that are made to look and feel like animal products by manufacturing heme, the oxygen binding molecule found in blood, using engineered yeast grown in bioreactors.

Indee Labs focuses on the development of microfluidic vortex shedding for rapidly and efficiently transfecting human primary immune cells with negligible perturbation. The team is focused on developing its core technology for short turnaround chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) development and manufacturing.

SynBioBeta is a company that has created a network that is intended to connect various professions through the biological technology industry through conferences, educational courses, and other resources.

RebelBio was a pre-seed venture capital brand of SOSV that accelerated seventy eight biotech startups. It merged with SOSV’s IndieBio brand in 2020 and is now based in New York City.

Zymergen, founded in 2013 and located in Emeryville, California, is a technology company providing organisms engineering services. Their biotechnology labs rely on advanced manufacturing technologies, machine learning techniques, and genomics to accelerate the design, build, test cycle of microorganisms.

An Israeli startup company that is working to make sustainable "animal-free" cell-based meat products available at the local level by adapting the distributed manufacturing model

New Harvest is a charity organization promoting the commercialization of clean meat, and other cellular agricultural products, through financial support in the form of grants for researchers and start-ups. Grants issued by New Harvest are used to advance cellular agricultural technologies and help commercialize cellular agricultural products.

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