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Design is a broad term that applies to the act of planning and creating objects, systems, and concepts for users.


Design is a broad term that applies to the act of planning and creating objects, systems, and concepts for users, taking into account aesthetic, functional, contextual, cultural, and societal considerations. The word design can be used as a noun or a verb.

The purpose of design is to create solutions for users that address a need, a want, or a problem, and a design can be an object, a system, or a concept. Design is used in many fields, including clothing, furniture, interior design, automotive design, architecture, urban planning, transportation infrastructure, product design, sound design, virtual reality, video games, and software interfaces.

Steve Jobs summed up design by saying, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


People who design are called designers. Even though design is a broad term encompassing many fields, the approach used by designers often follows similar methodologies. Designers analyze, research, and collect information about the problem or need they are solving in order to design a solution. They look at both the problem and what caused it and approach design solutions from a user standpoint. Designers also often plan and create with economy in mind, meaning they look for solutions that minimize materials, investment, energy, and other resources.

Types of design

Design is found in many fields. Common types of design include the following:

Industrial and product design

Industrial and product design is the process of making physical or digital products to improve the user experience. Examples include consumer electronics, furniture, and automobiles.

Fashion design
Fashion design

Fashion design encompasses the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Fashion designers use fashion trends, materials, and their creativity to introduce new designs and product ideas.

Architectural design

Architectural design is the process of planning structures with both aestheticism and function in mind. Architectural design focuses on components or elements of a structure and the creation of plans for buildings, houses, and other places.

Video game design

Video game design refers to the creativity and plans used to develop video games for entertainment or educational purposes. Game design involves the layout, storyline, environment, characters, code, and sounds that drive interactions with other characters or users.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication. A graphic designer creates visuals, images, and other visually-appealing elements to communicate ideas. Examples of graphic design include logos, brochures, invitations, packaging, and more. They use typographies, colors, shapes, images, and words to convey the concepts.

Software and user interface design

Software design is used in the creation of software objects and methods to solve a problem. User interface design focuses on making the interface to the software and how people interact with and control the technology user-friendly.

Scenic design

Scenic design is the creation of scenery for theater, performances, events, film, media, or television. It uses a combination of technology and materials to represent, enact, and produce a sense of place for various sets, stages, and post-production.

Lighting design
Lighting design

Lighting design is the planning and creation of lighted environments for situations and places, such as interior and exterior spaces, night architecture, theater, and film.

Sound design

Sound design refers to the planning and creation of sound for environments such as stages, film, music, and interiors.


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