Capital city of Victoria, Australia

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Rachel Clayton
June 18, 2021
While the government says the steps being taken are appropriate, one epidemiologist isn't so sure and wants more to be done to ensure leaking of the virus doesn't happen for a fifth time.
Ashlee Aldridge, Sandra Moon, and Alice Walker
June 17, 2021
An infection control expert says mandatory COVID-19 testing for Melbourne snow visitors is a "sensible" idea, but a local mayor doubts the requirement is viable.
Kristian Silva
June 16, 2021
James Kassay has scaled mountains around the world, but this week he will begin a climb of a different nature as he tries to claw his business back into the black.
ABC News
June 16, 2021
Melbourne residents hit by last week's violent storms are told to prepare to be without power for another three weeks in the middle of winter.
Richard Willingham
June 15, 2021
Documents show the Victorian government said changing suppliers would lead to cost blowouts and delays.
Visit Victoria
June 14, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Victoria - the Australian state home to bustling Melbourne, diverse wine regions, rugged mountains and quaint seaside towns - may not be open...
ABC News
June 11, 2021
The former owner of the Sydney Swans football club and a number of 24-hour GP superclinics, Geoffrey Edelsten was a high-profile figure who was known for his flamboyant lifestyle.
Science X staff
June 10, 2021
Secondary exposure to hate crime can influence negative perceptions of ethnic minorities and harm social relations in neighborhoods, new research from Monash University has found.
Emilia Terzon
June 9, 2021
Fewer than 8,000 people have so far received emergency cash payments from the federal government and some say they are still financially stressed as the support ends along with lockdown.
June 9, 2021
Hindustan Times
After two weeks under stay-at-home orders, the toughest restrictions in Australia's second-biggest city will be lifted from 11:59 pm Thursday, after just one new virus case was recorded on Tuesday.
Emilia Terzon
June 8, 2021
The ASX 200 momentarily hits a new intra-day trading high before falling back into the red, as consumer confidence data shows the effect of Melbourne's latest lockdown and tech companies and so-called "meme stocks" rally on Wall Street.
ABC News
June 8, 2021
MORNING BRIEFING: Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith will be the first witness called in a 10-week trial, and a cold snap has arrived bringing snow to parts of NSW.
Shoshy Ciment
June 7, 2021
Business Insider
As StockX edges toward an initial public offering, Insider highlighted 26 key people leading the company's growth in areas from operations to finance.
Sarah Lawrence and Matt Neal
June 6, 2021
Hospitality operators across Victoria's regions have been experiencing a mixed weekend of customers and cancellations following the easing of COVID restrictions on Friday.
Kelly Butterworth and Craig Fitzsimmons
June 5, 2021
Birdsville's Big Red Bash will go ahead from July 6. If Queensland's border is still shut to Victoria, 2,500 Victorians will have their tickets deferred. But some want a refund, which isn't on offer.
Emilia Terzon
June 4, 2021
Many stood-down workers and business owners still stuck in Melbourne's latest lockdown are wading through the fine print to find they are not eligible for new relief payments, or that grants will hardly make a dent in their losses.
Amazing Graze Flowers
June 3, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Bright and beautiful flowers can still bloom in winter and are sure to cheer up a gloomy day. Whether looking to add a pop of colour to the...
Christina Zhou
June 3, 2021
From today Victorians must check in at all retail stores, supermarkets and cafes -- even if they're just grabbing a takeaway coffee.
Rhiannon Stevens and Prue Bentley
June 3, 2021
For the second year in a row, Ballarat's statewide junior basketball tournament is cancelled, leaving thousands of players devastated and a gaping hole in the city's economy.
Fiona Parker, Sarah Lawrence, and Courtney Howe
June 3, 2021
Bendigo tourism leader Finn Vedelsby's heart is broken for casual staff who have been laid off as visitors to the regions dry up in Victoria's lockdown. It's a sentiment being felt across the state.
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