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14 spring/summer 2022 (SS22) trends that we'll all be falling for next season.


One of the most wearable trends to come out of this round of runways was the pleated skirt, and while there was a light scattering of mini incarnations reminiscent of this summer's favourite tennis skirt, for SS22 it's all about the pleated midi. Other than that, there really are no rules. Printed, plain, colourful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a bralette – as long as it's pleated then you're bang on the money.


Pleated skirts may be midi for next season, but all others are raising the hemlines to miniscule lengths. These are minis that the supermodels of the '90s would've been proud to wear, with well over half of the thigh exposed beneath the brief slip of fabric. Opt for super-statement shades, prints or fabrics to ensure that while the skirt may be small it still packs a real punch.


Next season sees a new way to do metallic spangle without the need for sequins – which are often very damaging for the environment. Instead may we encourage you to get your shine via liquid metal sheens; a far subtler, more grown-up and contemporary take on shimmer. Predominantly – but not exclusively – found in golds and silvers, these sheeny dreams create a molten metal feel as luxurious, shimmering fabric appears to be falling around your body.


Perhaps a trend best-suited to those looking to have fun with fashion again after spending the best part of two years wearing tracksuits, super sheer fabrics will be having a real moment in the sun come spring. Of course they can be cleverly layered to protect modesty, rendering this trend one of the most flexible for SS22.


High-rise jeans may have dominated our wardrobes for over a decade, but come spring 2022 things get a whole lot more '00s as the low-slung waist makes its way back to the forefront of sartorial conscious. They're all about bearing the midriff, so there's no trend value in opting for a low-rise and hiding it beneath a long knit. Opt for cropped tops for full '00s drama.


Strapped accents have been gaining popularity over recent seasons, but it's set to really take hold from summer 2022 onwards. Whether it's a top with multi-straps across the shoulders and décolletage, trousers with a strapped waistband criss-crossing across the stomach – or, indeed, both – you'll have to forgo any worries of awkward tan lines next season and embrace the straps.


Knitwear is rarely a major summer trend for obvious reasons, but after SS21's obsession with all things crochet next season we're seeing fairweather knits be a more grown-up glow-up in the form of netting. Across tops, vests, trousers, skirts and even bags, whether you're strolling along the beach or heading for date night in the city, you'll find any excuse to put on your netted knitwear - trust us on this one.


We know, we know, cut-outs are not new news. They were a few seasons ago, but they're proving to be far more of a long-term look than any of us initially gave them credit for. Which, surely, is a good thing – no? Cost-per-wear and environmentally-wise, the more you're happy wearing an item the better, and with cut-outs – wherever they are on an item – seemingly going nowhere fast, you'd be wise to hop on board.


Another one for the fearless dressers, summer 2022 sees underwear become a perfectly acceptable form of outerwear. Super chic when done in the right way, layer it beneath an open blazer or a top/dress with a convenient cut-out (there's that trend again) for a subtle hint of sexy.


While tights are a mainstay in many winter wardrobes, when it comes to summer very few of us give even a moments thought to dressing our legs. Providing they're covered in SPF and not overheating, we're happy. But all that change next season, as thigh high boots with feathered trims, lace leggings and embroidered hosiery take centre stag.


Suits may have been off the sartorial radar for quite some months as swathes of the country took to working from home in loungewear, next season sees the old staple return with a vengeance. Stark white and complete with show-stopping accents – from waist ties to contrast black hardware and bold shoulders, these are pieces that will make the prospect of returning to your commute a whole lot more bearable.


Not one for the wardrobe wallflowers among us, neon yellow looks set to be one of the hottest hues next summer. The even more intense news? It's particularly epic when worn head-to-toe.


It's officially time to end our love affair with micro bags, as next season sees the biggest, bulkiest totes take the handbag world by storm. Great news for those of us with endless ‘essentials’ that we've been struggling to stuff in our teeny tiny bags over recent years. Less good news for our posture.


With muted hues and style androgyny gaining traction season after season, it's been a while since super traditionally-feminine pieces had their moment on the industry's radar. For next summer, however, frothy fabrics and pretty pink hues – from pastel to candy, rose and fuchsia – prove an interesting, playful point of difference on the fashion landscape.


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