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Proteomics is the study of proteomes. A proteome is the full protein complement of a cell, tissue or organism. Proteomics uses techniques to analyse changes in protein composition in response to disease or environmental changes.

The concept of Proteome was first proposed by Marc Wilkins, referring to all proteins expressed by a genome, or a cell or tissue. There are differences between the concept of a proteome and the concept of a genome, which varies with the organization and even the state of the environment. At the time of transcription, a gene can be spliced in multiple mRNA forms. A proteome is not a direct product of a genome, and the number of proteins in a proteome can sometimes exceed the number of genomes. Proteomics is in an early "developmental" state, and experts in this field deny that it is a simple methodology, just like genomics, not a closed, conceptually stable system of knowledge, but an area.


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