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List of microbiome companies

List of microbiome companies
Plant based meat companies
Cell based meat companies
List of synthetic biology companies
List of genomics companies
List of therapeutics companies
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Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotechnology company using machine learning techniques and lab automation to engineer microorganisms as a service.

Seventure Partners is a venture capital firm investing in life science and digital technology companies that was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Paris, France.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation is a division of Johnson & Johnson Finance Corporation. Johnson & Johnson Innovation focuses on accelerating early innovation for global healthcare businesses.

Human genome sequencing company founded in 2013 and based in San Diego, CA. Human Longevity Inc. is building a database with genomic and phenotypic information and aims to make medicine more data-driven by combining DNA sequencing, expert analysis and machine learning

Unilever is Anglo-Dutch multinational consumer goods company that is co-headquartered in London, England and Rotterdam, Netherlands, and was founded in 1930 by William Lever, James Lever, and Samuel van den Bergh.

BioGaia is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops and sells healthcare solutions, like probiotics .

AOBiome Therapeutics is a therapeutics company, based in Newton, Massachusetts and founded in 2013, that conducts clinal-stage research to address inflammatory conditions with Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).

The industrial biotechnology business for DowDuPont until 2019, when it will be part of the specialty products spin-off to be called DuPont.

Biotherapeautics company founded in 2014 and based in Paris that uses proprietary methods in synthetic biology, protein and genome engineering to produce Eligobiotics, products which intervene with the microbiome as diagnostics, antimicrobials and modulators of host-microbiome interactions.

Nextbiotics is a biotechnology and synthetic biology company that leverages synthetic biology tools and bacteriophage technology to provide solutions to the antibiotic resistance crisis.

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