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U.S-based venture capital and private equity firm investing on life sciences companies worldwide.

OrbiMed, also known as OrbiMed Advisors, is a private equity and venture capital firm established in 1989. The firm was founded by Carl L. Gordon and Sven H. Borho. Its headquarters is located in New York City, New York and it has additional offices in San Francisco, California; Mumbai, India; Shanghai, China; Herzliya, Israel and Hong Kong. As of March 2019, the firm is managing 152 companies in its current portfolio and has sold off its ownership in 205 companies. Its most recent investment was for Imara on March 2019, a company developing therapeutics for sickle cell disease treatment.


OrbiMed focuses on funding companies in the field of life sciences. The firm invests globally, with past investments on companies based in North America, Europe, and Asia (China, India, and Israel). The firm finances companies at various stages of development, from seed to buyouts. Its most recent funding round raised $551 million on September 2017.

OrbiMed is a healthcare fund management company based in New York City. Founded in 1989, the firm focuses on investing in life sciences and healthcare industries.

The firm invests as private equity, public equity and private credit/royalty. OrbiMedi globally invests from seed-stage venture to large corporations.

Notable interests of the firm include gene therapy, immuno-therapy and gene editing, etc.

As of November 2019, the firm has invested in MDClone, Adicet Bio, Cleave Therapeutics, Edgewise Therapeutics, GrayBug, ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Passage Bio, PMV Pharmaceuticals, Protekt Therapeutics and Repare Therapeutics, etc.


March 1, 2021
OrbiMed banks $3.5 billion in its latest raise, a sum that will be divided among three private investment funds, including one focused on early-stage companies in North America and Europe and a second aimed at companies of various stages in Asia.

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OrbiMed Advisors and Lilly Asia Ventures are two key players pouring money into RNA-targeting technology via ADARx Pharmaceuticals' $75 million series B round. The funding will take the San Diego-based biotech's growing pipeline of RNA-targeting therapeutics into the clinic, ADARx said in a statement on Wednesday.
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OrbiMed's executive partner and a founder of rare disease biopharma Alexion (now AstraZeneca), Stephen Squinto, Ph.D., is taking the reins at non-viral gene therapy biotech Gennao Bio.
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