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List of nanotechnology companies

List of nanotechnology companies
Synthetic biology companies in the United States
Synthetic biology companies in California
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List of Unicorn Companies in South Korea
List of Unicorn Companies in North Carolina
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Samsung, also known as The Samsung Group, is a South Korean multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in Seoul. The Samsung Group is the parent company of multiple Samsung subsidiaries including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, and more.

Intel is a multinational technology corporation that manufactures computer parts, including microprocessors and semiconductor chips, the latter of which Intel is one of the world's top manufacturers measured by revenue.

Amprius is a Fremont, California-based nanotechnology company developing silicon nanowires for lithium-ion batteries and founded by Mark Platshon and Yi Cui.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is a research laboratory that aims to advance scientific discovery in the fields of data science, biology, and Earth sciences for the US government and the private sector.

T2 Biosystems is a Lexington, Massachusetts-based company developing diagnostic products targeting sepsis and in vitro diagnostic products intended to target sepsis, hemostasis, bacteria, and lyme disease founded in 2006 by Robin Toft.

Ionera's mission is to provide a universal platform for ion-conductance based analytics, including development and customized design of MECA-chips, nanopore and channel protein reconstitution kits and assay development.

South Bay Technology Inc. is a San Clemente, California-based nanotechnology company founded in 1964.

ScyTek Laboratories, Inc. a Utah, USA corporation involved in the manufacture of diagnostic reagents Special Stains, Antibodies, Hematology, Microbiology, and Hematoxlyn.

Molecular Imprints is a company that developed nano-imprint lithography systems founded in 2001 by Dr. S.V. Sreenivasan.

Kodak is a technology company that provides software, hardware, consumables, and services for commercial print, packaging, and publishing applications.

Mancef is an Houghton, Michigan-based nanotechnology company founded in 1995.

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