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List of big data companies

List of big data companies
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Big data
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Neuralink is a nanobiotechnology company developing brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers.

Golden is a company started in San Francisco, USA. The company is building an encyclopedia and knowledge tool. The founder and CEO of Golden is Jude Gomila.

Neustar is a Sterling, Virginia-based information technology company offering identity resolution and data technology for telecommunications.

Owkin is a medical treatment and therapeutics company founded by Thomas Clozel. They develop artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to augment and develop medical and biological research.

Immuta is a Boston-based provider of a cloud-native data governance platform for organizations to automate data access control, security, and privacy compliance.

Databricks is a company offering an analytics platform for business, data science, and data engineering. It was founded in 2013 and is located in San Francisco, California.

Alloy is a San Francisco-based software company developing a platform for inventory and shipment visibility, including sell-in and sell-through analytics. is a machine learning and artificial intelligence training platform provider.

The RepTrak Company, formerly the Reputation Institute, is a Boston-based data-driven reputation analysis company founded in 1997 by Cees van Riel, Dr. Charles Fombrun, Kasper Ulf Nielsen and Nicolas Georges Trad.

Iguazio is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based data science company providing a multifunctional MLOps and machine learning automation-based solution for businesses in a variety of industries.

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