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Capital city of Queensland, Australia

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Ellie Grounds and Belinda Sanders
August 30, 2021
A regional Queensland mayor is calling on Qantas boss Alan Joyce to visit his town to see the "disappointing" effect that flight cuts are having on health services and businesses.
Lily Nothling
August 29, 2021
A leading national abortion provider closes down a string of clinics, citing financial pressures, making a tough decision even harder for many women in regional areas.
Edwina Seselja
August 29, 2021
A West End garden group says a development proposal will encroach on a state-owned community garden and will see existing affordable housing demolished.
Emilie Gramenz
August 27, 2021
Lockdowns across the country continue to cripple live music, with fears an entire generation of artists could be lost and an industry will crumble without the option of playing shows.
Danielle O'Neal
August 18, 2021
When sisters Mary and Laura Josey took over the Morven Truck Stop in 2018 they had no idea they would almost double the roadhouse's annual turnover -- and find love.
Jon Daly and Lucy Stone
August 12, 2021
Inland Rail is Australia's biggest freight rail project, but a Senate inquiry has uncovered serious failures in the consultation process and management of the multi-billion-dollar rail line.
Jake Evans and Andrew Kesper
August 12, 2021
The Coalition canvassed its MPs and candidates to decide where to build 47 car parks in Australia. But those car parks don't line up with the country's most congested roads, or its fastest growing areas.
Jim Malo
August 12, 2021
It has been almost 10 years since Swanbank A power station at Collingwood Park was closed, but a toxic ash dam on the site is yet to be dealt with and environmental experts and nearby residents are worried about the risk.
Mark Harvey
August 11, 2021
After a century of scientific confusion, we can now officially add five new species to Australia's long list of trapdoor spiders--secretive, burrowing relatives of tarantulas.
Edwina Seselja, Craig Zonca, and Loretta Ryan
August 11, 2021
Motorists filling up the tank today will be hard pressed to find fuel under $1.70 per litre as petrol prices peak, but experts say holding off just a few days could save your back pocket.
Owen Jacques
August 11, 2021
While Brisbane is facing rising property prices thanks to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic games, experts say homeowners in regional parts of south-east Queensland could be going for gold.
Australian Associated Press
August 10, 2021
the Guardian
Five-month-old Mia suffered critical injuries after her mother fell while trying to avoid the bird
August 8, 2021
International Business Times UK
Limited supply and pockets of vaccine hesitancy have slowed efforts to inoculate Australians, with just over 20 percent of the population now fully vaccinated.
Luke Wong
August 6, 2021
Dedicated farmers growing 120 million kilograms of proprietary potatoes annually drive the success of Smith's chips, marking 90 years of manufacturing in Australia.
Johanna Marie
August 5, 2021
"Masking up" is mandatory in southeast Queensland, but what are the rules for those who have escaped lockdown across the rest of the state?
Tara Cassidy
July 27, 2021
Cruise ships, boarding schools, and other "alternative styles" of accommodation are among the almost 50,000 rooms already secured for Brisbane's 2032 Olympic Games guests.
Owen Jacques
July 25, 2021
Brisbane is gearing up to host the Games, but it was a group of mayors worried about something else entirely that got the plan on track.
ABC News
July 22, 2021
As hundreds of e-bikes and e-scooters are added to Brisbane's hire scheme today, the city's emergency departments are warning riders to take it easy after hundreds of crashes.
Julia André, Sally Rafferty, and David Chen
July 21, 2021
Regional Queensland councils have already started on their bids to host events during the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane.
July 21, 2021
The secret ballot was held at the 138th Session in Tokyo, two days before the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games, under strict COVID-19 restrictions. The Session heard presentations by Brisbane 2032, including by video link-up from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as well as a final report from Kristin Kloster, Chair of the Future Host Commission for the Games of the Olympiad - the IOC body responsible for monitoring and analysing interest in hosting the Olympic Games and th...
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