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YourChoice Therapeutics is a biotechnology company founded in 2018 is developing contraceptives for men and women. The technology for their non-hormonal contraceptive products arose from research at the University of California, Berkeley.

Company founded in 2015, based in Van Nuys, California, that designs and manufactures jetpack transportation vehicles for personal, rapid, short distance transportation.

A mobile application company connecting gamers to like-minded teammates. Its headquarters are located in New York City, New York and the company was founded in 2018.

Dyneti Technologies is a company developing and providing credit card software development kits to prevent fraud. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and was founded in 2018.

Trestle is a company providing intranet services to companies.

Blueberry Pediatrics is a company providing an online pediatric care service that enables parents to access pediatricians 24/7.

Spiral Genomics develops software for large-scale genomic data mining.

Rebank is a banking startup founded by Juan Andrade and based in London.

GoLinks is a software company developing and providing enterprise grade, short URL go/links for teams to improve company productivity.

PadPiper provides an online housing marketplace for finding and signing in on furnished rentals to young professionals. It enables landlords to manage their listings, tenants, and payments.

Allo is a company providing an online platform that enables neighbors to connect, communicate and coordinate activities such as playdates, carpool, dog walks, pet sits and others. It aims to help neighboring families connect and support each other.

Withfriends provides memberships platform for small businesses focused on cultural events such as music venues and art spaces. It allows organizers to set up membership programs.

Askdata provides a platform based on the Human2SQL that allows users access data using natural language.

Cherry is a company that provides an app for employees to select perks.

Switchboard is a technology company providing a software-as-a-service management solution for the trucking industry.

NALA is a company providing an application interface for transfers, payments, and transactions seven times faster, without data connectivity or offline.

Truora provides background checks and identity theft detection solution for fraud prevention to national and international retailers, banks and marketplaces in Latin America.

Pachama is a company estimating carbon storage in forests and predicting future deforestation or potential for forest restoration with the use of satellite images.

Habitat Logistics provides an application and convenience-focused pickup or delivery, from hyper-local independent restaurants and food trucks.

Nebullam develops and sells plug-and-play growing units for indoor farmers.

Calii is an e-commerce company providing consumer goods for the Latin American market with 20-80% savings.

Lifengine Animal Health Laboratories or LEAH Labs is a biotechnology company providing Car T cells to cure cancer in dogs.

Visly provides design tools for front-end engineers for developing mobile applications.

Searchlight is a company providing a platform connecting job seekers and employers and reference checks as-a-service.

Qwest is a company providing a convenience service that allows users to skip lines at popular locations such as clubs, bars, lounges and events in the city.

CareerTu provides a professional vocational education platform for advertising technology and data analysis.

Emi Labs is a company providing an artificial intelligence powered recruitment assistant.

Circumvent Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

AuroraQ is a quantum computing company developing standardized and modular quantum components.

AI computer vision company for generating insights into shop floors. Aura Vision uses existing security cameras in stores, to provide customer demographics and behaviour data.

InsideSherpa offers virtual work experience programs and company sponsored virtual internships in industries like investment banking, management consulting, product management, etc.

Edyst is an online learning and employability startup company for aspiring software developers.

AI Insurance develops and provides claims management systems for small insurers.

BearBuzz is a content advertising network for YouTube, Twitch and Podcast.

globeDX is a company that provides a cryptocurrency-derivative exchange that allows cryptocurrency holders to trade global markets with bitcoin and grants users. It dubbed itself as Coinbase for derivatives.

Modern Labor is a company providing educational platform teaching and paying people to code and helping them find jobs after.

Middesk provides background checking solutions to business-to-business companies to identify business and regulatory risk of their customers.

Vectordash is a company that allows users to stream games from a nearby machine onto mobile.

NaturAll Club is a company making hair and body products with natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Tréxō Robotics is a company designing and building wearable robotic technology helping children with disabilities to walk.

54Gene is healthcare startup company providing a genetics testing platform in Africa. It also offers genetic reports on health, nutrition, fitness and weight loss, carrier status, personal traits and ancestry.

Geosite develops enterprise service-as-software platform for satellite imagery.

Memfault provides developer tools, firmware delivery, monitoring and diagnostics to consumer electronics businesses.

MyScoot provides a platform to discover, connect to hosts of home parties and attend attend to them.

Thrive Agric is an agricultural technology company focused on helping smallholder farmers in Nigeria to access crowdfunded loans to increase crops production and commercialize produce.

Cuanto provides a platform for receiving online payments.

Allure Systems provides a technology that automates the production of fashion product images for the client's website.

rct studio is a company providing an artificial intelligence driven film and game studio.

Handle is a company developing construction management software for contractors and suppliers in the construction industry.

Latchel is a company providing an operations platform to track maintenance department for landlords.

Green Energy Exchange supplies individuals and businesses with green electricity from its renewable generator partners.

Adventurous is a distributed theme park.

Bottomless is a coffee service company bringing roasted-to-order coffee to its customers.

Demodesk provides a browser-based screen web conferencing tool for software-as-a-service product demos.

FLOWER CO is a cannabis membership club offering brands and products for medical and recreational patients.

PNOE is a company developing and manufacturing cardio-metabolic analysis device for fitness centers.

Probably Genetic is a company offering testing and diagnosis for genetic diseases.

Traverse Technologies is a company focused on the identification and development of renewable energy power projects around the world.

Union Apartment provides furnished housing options such as co-living apartments for international students.

Skill-Lynk is an e-learning company providing mechanical engineering courses.

Nettrons is a computer software company providing an AI talent and workforce recruitment sourcing solution for companies.

Doorport is a company designing and building software and hardware for homes, apartments and buildings intercoms and access systems.

Catch is a company providing a benefits management platform for handling taxes, retirement, time off, health insurance, and student loan refinancing.

Synova Life Sciences is a biotechnology company developing a non-enzymatic device to harvest stem cells from adipose tissue for medical research, therapy and regenerative treatment.

DevFlight is a company offering a marketplace for freelance software developers.

GeoPredict is a company developing and providing a machine-learning software for oil and gas real estate prospecting.

Inito is a company providing a device connected to the smartphone helping women their track ovulation.

Docbot is a software company designing and building a software for physicians to automate patient intake, screen questionnaires and generate clinical notes.

YSplit is a company that creates virtual cards for group payments and automatically split bills and collect cash from users’ bank accounts.

WorkClout develops and provides supply chain software for manufacturers.

Eatgeek provides an online platform allowing users to connect and book local restaurants, caterers, food trucks and chefs.

Shef is a food company that prepares and delivers home-cooked meals to its customers at Bay Area.

Fuzzbuzz is a company providing a platform that allows its users to test their code for critical bugs and vulnerabilities.

Vice Lotteries provides a platform for private lotteries. It allows customers to gamble while saving money.

Friendshop is an online store for beauty products at discounted prices.

Bento Club is an Asian food lunch delivery startup in San Francisco.

Taalis is a food company manufacturing and commercializing Water Lily pops.

Portal Entryways enables wheelchair users to open doors automatically with the use of their smartphones.

Pyxai is a software company that develops and builds HR software for screening job applicants for soft skills.

Travelchime provides a platform where users can choose, organize, and map places in a Google Doc for travel planning.

Keeper is a company finding tax write offs among bank statements for self-employed individuals.

Schoolable is a financial technology company focused on providing access to affordable finance in the private school system in Africa.

Gerostate Alpha is a pharmaceutical company developing drugs for the treatment of aging and age related diseases.

Board is a mortgage company that enables clients to make cash offers to buy their new home.

Instapath is a company developing and providing digital imaging tools for rapid on-site pathology evaluation.

Overview develops and provides video and artificial intelligence downtime alerts and analytics on industrial robots in factories.

Supernova provides design and development tool for creating animations, navigation, localization and production codes iOS, Android and React Native.

Okteto provides an application development platform for Kubernetes.