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Mage (marketplace company)

Mage (marketplace company)

Mage is a marketplace for Magic: The Gathering cards

Mage allows third party sellers to list their products on its platform and fulfill those orders themselves. Mage's stated intention is to become the active middleman for the orders to validate the card and fight fakes. Third parties will still list their products on the platform but, instead of sending the cards directly to the buyer, they will ship them to one of Mage's warehouses. Mage will then verify the card's authenticity and ship the card to the buyer. If that same card--in the same condition--is already in one of Mage's warehouses, they will ship the existing copy of the card to the buyer, instead.

Bid and ask feature

The feature will allow buyers to set the price they'd like to buy a card for (a bid), which Mage will then try to match to a seller that has set a similar sell price (an ask) for that same card. If the bid and the ask match, Mage will automatically execute the transaction. Otherwise, sellers will have the opportunity to manually accept bids that differ from their asks.

Mage will also let customers purchase cards on the platform and choose not to have those cards shipped. Instead, Mage will continue to store the cards in their warehouses. The customer is free to re-list the cards for sale on the platform while it's still stored at a warehouse, or even have the cards shipped to them at a later date.


June 20, 2019
Mage announced a new way to buy and sell Magic: the Gathering cards that they are likening to a "stock market" for Magic cards, which will launch later this year.

The German company, founded by Peer Oke Richelsen (CEO) and Malte Delfs (CTO), are planning to launch the new product in the United States and the European Union after they close their second round of funding by the end of the year.

March 26, 2019
Product Hunt Launch: Mage - Mobile Marketplace for Magic: The Gathering
March 2019
Mage was founded by Malte Delfs and Peer Oke Richelsen.


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