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List of NFT platforms

List of NFT platforms
Blockchain companies in the United Kingdom
List of stablecoin companies
NFT Marketplaces
Cryptocurrency companies in the United Kingdom
Blockchain companies in California
Non-fungible token (NFT)Non-fungible token (NFT)
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Brokoli Network is a Estonia-based company founded in 2021 by Matthew Le Merle.

Axelar is a universal interoperability platform that connects blockchains through a decentralized network and an SDK of protocols and APIs.

Solcial is a decentralised social network on the Solana blockchain. Solcial allows anyone to share content in a fully permissionless way, avoiding censorship, and rewarding users and content creators in a fair manner.

Galxe is a Web3 credential data network created to assist developers using digital credential data and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to build products and communities in Web3.

Verasity supports the infrastructure and tools for video publishers to serve rewarded video and loyalty programs using VRA for their viewers.

The Graph is an open-source indexing protocol for data on Ethereum and IPFS. It allows developers to build different GraphQL-based APIs, called subgraphs, for varying queries. Its economy is managed using its own work token, GRT. It was originally developed by Edge&Node and is governed by The Graph Foundation.

Chimeras is a mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs.

Arenum is a mobile gaming and cryptocurrency company.

Lockness aims on providing a safe and secure spending environment for users within the crypto space.

AnRKey is a social gaming platform that combines DeFi and eSports gaming for users.

Blind Boxes provides curated collectibles in boxes as well as serves as a gamified marketplace for NFTs.

The Agora is to become a shopping mall based on the blockchain where companies, NFT projects and influencers alike can showcase and sell their products. Open your metashop in the Agora now.

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