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Docker provides an open-source project for deploying applications inside software containers.


Docker is a company that participated in the YC S10 cohort of Y Combinator and raised an estimated $28,679,147.


On September 1, 2010 Docker announced raising $120,000 in pre-seed funding from Y Combinator and Brainchild Holdings.


On February 28, 2011 Docker announced raising $800,000 in angel funding from Trinity Ventures, Brainchild Holdings, Roger Dickey, Raymond Tonsing, Kenny Van Zant, Jonathan Abrams, Jerry Yang, Eric Urhane, Chris Sacca, and Ashvin Patel.

Series A

On March 15, 2011 Docker announced raising $12 million in series A funding from ACE & Company.

Series B

On January 21, 2014 Docker announced raising $15 million in series B funding from Greylock Partners (lead investor), Trinity Ventures, Insight Partners, Pamela Mouvace, and Benchmark.

Series C

On September 16, 2014 Docker announced raising $40 million in series C funding from Sequoia Capital (lead investor), Trinity Ventures, Insight Partners, Greylock Partners, and AME Cloud Ventures.

Series D

On April 14, 2015 Docker announced raising $95 million in series D funding from Insight Partners (lead investor), Trinity Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Northern Trust, Lowercase Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ignition Partners, Greylock Partners, Goldman Sachs, and Coatue Management.

Series D II

On November 9, 2015 Docker announced raising a second series D round with $18 million in funding from Trinity Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Insight Partners, Ignition Partners, Greylock Partners.

Secondary market

On May 5, 2017 Docker announced raising an undisclosed amount of secondary market funding from SharesPost Investment Management.

Series E

On October 6, 2017 Docker announced raising $91.9 million in series E funding from The Family, SharesPost Investment Management, Salesforce Ventures, Cross Creek, Benchmark, and Base Partners.


On November 13, 2019 Docker announced raising $35 million in venture funding from Insight Partners and Benchmark.


March 16, 2021
Docker raises $23,000,000 in Series B Investment round led by Tribe Capital.
May 1, 2019
Docker announces Docker Foundation to provide inclusive access to education and technology to underrepresented communities
October 6, 2017
Docker raises a $91,900,000 series E round from Base Partners, Cross Creek, Greenspring Associates, Salesforce Ventures and The Family.
January 2014
Docker raises a $15,000,000 series B round from Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Insight Partners, Jerry Yang and Trinity Ventures.
February 28, 2011
Docker raises a $800,000 angel round from Ashvin Patel, Brainchild Ventures, Chris Sacca, Eric Urhane, Jerry Yang, Jonathan Abrams, Kenny Van Zant, Raymond Tonsing, Roger Dickey and Trinity Ventures.
September 1, 2010
Docker raises a $120,000 seed round from Brainchild Ventures and Y Combinator.

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Bianca Bharti
July 5, 2021
When Amine El-Karkri earned his electrical engineering degree 11 years ago at a French university, a unit or course on Kubernetes and Docker did not appear in...
James Walker
June 4, 2021
Podman is a container engine that's compatible with the OCI Containers specification. Podman is part of RedHat Linux, but can also be installed on other distributions.
James Walker
May 28, 2021
Dokku is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) implementation, which you can self-host on your own hardware. Dokku uses Docker to automatically deploy your code when you git push from your terminal.
James Walker
May 26, 2021
Docker now ships with built-in security scanning support. You can locally scan your container images to identify possible vulnerabilities. This accelerates the development cycle by providing more immediate feedback compared to CI pipelines and cloud services.
James Walker
May 20, 2021
The docker CLI program is independent of the Docker daemon which runs your containers. Although both components usually run on your local machine, you can run docker commands against a remote Docker host.
James Walker
May 20, 2021
Docker containers let you quickly spin up new applications without polluting your system with dependencies. A MySQL database is a common requirement for web-based software. Here's how to get a new MySQL instance running in Docker in only a few minutes.
James Walker
May 5, 2021
Docker automatically aggregates container standard output and error streams (stdout/stderr) into log feeds which are retained by the Docker daemon. You can easily monitor logs to understand what's going on in your containers.
James Walker
May 4, 2021
Docker tags are used to identify images by name. Each image can have multiple tags assigned. Tags look similar to my-image:latest, with the part before the colon defining the image name and the latter section specifying the version.
James Walker
April 30, 2021
Docker gives you several options to manage your container's lifecycle. Containers do not normally restart automatically after they terminate. With restart policies, you can take control over individual container lifecycles.
Samuel Axon
April 15, 2021
Ars Technica
Another one of the most popular development tools now supports the M1.
James Walker
April 8, 2021
Docker's normally used to containerise background applications and CLI programs. You can also use it to run graphical programs though! You can either use an existing X Server, where the host machine is already running a graphical environment, or you can run a VNC server within the container.
James Walker
April 7, 2021
Docker containers make your app portable across environments. Once you've got a container image, you can use it anywhere Docker is available. Here's how to containerise a PHP web application using the Apache server.
Ron Miller
March 16, 2021
It was easy to wonder what would become of Docker after it sold its enterprise business in 2019, but it regrouped last year as a cloud native container company focused on developers, and the new approach appears to be bearing fruit. Today, the company announced a $23 million Series B investment. Tribe Capital led the [...]
January 26, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Snyk, the leader in cloud native application security, today reported 2020 achievements and growth plans for the year ahead. Ending the fiscal...
Million Insights
January 13, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- The global application container market size is anticipated to reach USD 8.2 Billion until 2025. It is expected to register growth with 26.5%...
December 9, 2020
/PRNewswire/ -- New Zealand-based, creator of open source tools to easily manage containers, has launched Portainer Business, which adds premium...
Rosalie Chan
November 25, 2020
Business Insider
Developers have found compatibility issues between Apple's new M1 chips and some of the software they use everyday, like Java, Docker and Homebrew.
Frederic Lardinois
July 9, 2020
Docker and AWS today announced a new collaboration that introduces a deep integration between Docker's Compose and Desktop developer tools and AWS's Elastic Container Service (ECS) and ECS on AWS Fargate. Previously, the two companies note, the workflow to take Compose files and run them on ECS was often challenging for developers. Now, the two [...]
Ron Miller
March 10, 2020
Docker had an existential crisis last year when, in a matter of months, CEO Steve Singh stepped down, the company sold its enterprise business to Mirantis and long-time executive Scott Johnston took over as CEO. It was a lot to process. The organization that remained decided to regroup as a developer tools company, and today [...]
Ron Miller
January 15, 2020
Madrona Venture Group announced today that is has hired former Docker CEO Steve Singh as a managing director at the firm. Singh stepped down as CEO of Docker last May and Seattle-based Madrona seems like logical landing spot. He is a long-time resident of Seattle, and has been working behind the scenes with Madrona for [...]


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