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Arjun Sethi

Arjun Sethi

Arjun Sethi (born January 15, 1983) is an American entrepreneur, investor and executive. He is co-founder and partner at venture capital firm Tribe Capital.

Arjun Sethi is an American entrepreneur, investor and executive. He is co-founder and partner at venture capital firm Tribe Capital. He previously was partner at Social Capital and served as an executive at Yahoo! where he launched Yahoo! Livetext. Before that, he was co-founder and CEO of MessageMe (acquired by Yahoo!) and he was CEO of Lolapps, the developer behind Ravenwood Fair. Arjun Sethi attended the University of Maryland College park from 2005 to 2007 where he earned a BA and BS (WIP) in History and Math. And he attended Boston University where he holds a BA (WIP) in Economics.


Arjun Sethi co-founded Lolapps in 2008, where he took on the role of CEO. Lolapps, which developed social games for Facebook, merged with 6waves in 2011, where Sethi served as Chief Product Officer until Lolapps closed in 2012.


in 2012, Arjun Sethi co-founded and took on the role of CEO for mobile messaging app MessageMe. MessageMe raised closed to $12 million in funding and reached over 5 million users before it was acquired by Yahoo! in 2014 for a price between $30 to $40 million. Yahoo! shut down MessageMe and used the MessageMe team, led by Sethi, to work on a messaging app intended to compete with SnapChat and WhatsApp. In 2015 Sethi's team launched Yahoo! Livetext, which never caught market attention and was shut down in 2016. Sethi left Yahoo! in the same year.

Social Capital

In February of 2016, Sethi joined Social Capital as a Partner. While there, he led the early stage venture team, and was responsible for investments in Digital Currency Group, Intercom, Slack, Relativity, Carta, Cover, Invenia, Front, and Cloud Kitchens, among others. He became a Board Partner of Social Capital in July 2018 but left Social Capital in February 2018.

Tribe Capital

In June 2018, Arjun Sethi co-founded Tribe Capital with Ted Maidenberg and Jonathan Hsu. Sethi serves as a Partner at Tribe Capital.

Angel Investor

Arjun Sethi has been an angel investor since 2007, and his investments include Otherinbox, iSocket, Kicksend, Betable, Rollbar, Storehouse, Front, Gusto, Schoolmint, Forge, Rubrik, Opendoor, Truecaller, Snowball, Clutter,, Latergram, Tracker and Skipflag.

Board Member

Arjun Sethi has served as a board member for Kissmetrics, MessageMe, Relativity Space, Carta, Cover, Muze, Bolt and Huckleberry. He's also worked as an advisor for Quettra, Joist, SchoolMint, Tapjoy, WeGame, Famous.AF / Stolen, Runnable, iSocket,, Kicksend, Truecaller, Yoshirt, Superstar Games, Mandala Games and ZenAgain.


January 15, 1983
Arjun Sethi was born in United States.

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