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Jonathan Hsu

Jonathan Hsu

The co-founder and general partner of Tribe Capital.

Jonathan Hsu is an American business man and the co-founder and general partner of Tribe Capital. Before co-founding Tribe Capital Jonathan Hsu was a partner at Social Capital where he helped pioneer data science techniques for venture capital applications. Hsu gained experience as a data scientist form previously leading a data science and analytics team at Facebook.

University of California, Berkeley

From 1997 to 2001 Jonathan Hsu attended the University of California Berkeley and graduated with a bachelor of science in engineering physics with a minor in mathematics.

Stanford University

From 2001 to 2003 Jonathan Hsu completed a masters of science degree in physics at Stanford University. After completing his masters degree in physics, Hsu continued study at Stanford University to obtain a PhD in Physics. He graduated with a PhD in Physics in 2006. His PhD specialized in high energy physics and he worked on creating models of cosmological inflation in type IIB string theory using D3 and D7 branes.



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An Interview with Jonathan Hsu from Tribe Capital


July 14, 2019


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