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Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms is an Israeli cellular agriculture start-up founded by Didier Toubia and Shulamit Levenberg in 2017 developing technologies for culturing meat products into 3D structures.

Aleph Farms (previously Meat-the-Future) was co-founded in 2017 by Israeli food-tech incubator The Kitchen, a part of the Strauss Group Ltd., and the Technion, a public research university.

Aleph Farms goal is to create products which have the same texture and shape as meat from conventional animal farming — such as steak. The company is pioneering technologies that allow cultured meat products to move beyond simple structures using one or two types of cells, such as ground beef, to more conventional meat cuts. Their technologies allow for several cell types to be grown into complex shapes; which has traditionally been a limiting factor for cultured meat companies.


Their approach is to create a 3 dimensional scaffolding within their bioreactors which is seeded with multiple cell types including muscle fibers, connective tissue, blood vessels, and fat. These cells grow together into the structure of steak directly onto the scaffold with the bioreactor, rather than being manually combined afterwards.


In 2017 Aleph Farms became a member of the Strauss Group food-tech incubator called The Kitchen. After Aleph Farms began having success in the Strauss Group incubator program, Strauss Group invested an undisclosed amount of seed funding into Aleph Farms.


July 7, 2021
Aleph Farms raises $105M in Series B funding round led by Growth Fund and DistruptAD, with participation from Skyviews life Science, Thai Union, BRF, CJ CheilJedang, VisVires New Protein, Strauss Group, Cargill, Peregrine Ventures, and CPT Capital.
May 15, 2019
Cargill announces it will invest in Aleph Farms.
May 14, 2019
Aleph Farms raises a $12,000,000 series A round from CPT Capital, Cargill, New Crop Capital, New Protein Capital, Peregrine Ventures, Strauss and Technion Seed.
May 1, 2018
Aleph Farms raises a $350,000 venture round from Peregrine Ventures.
March 1, 2017
Seed funding

In 2017 Aleph Farms became a member of the Strauss Group food-tech incubator called the Kitchen. After Aleph Farms began having success in the Strauss Group incubator program, Strauss Group invested an undisclosed amount of seed funding into Aleph Farms.

January 1, 2017
Founding of Aleph Farms

Aleph farms was founded by Didier Toubia and Shulamit Levenberg, along with Strauss Group, in 2017 .

January 1, 2017
Aleph Farms raises a $2,400,000 seed round from New Crop Capital and The Kitchen - FoodTech Hub.

Funding rounds



Didier Toubia

Co-founder and CEO

Neta Lavon

Vice president of research and development

Shulamit Levenberg

Co-founder and CSO

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July 8, 2021
, , , , • World's leading seafood processer further adds to its cell-based protein portfolio, investing in one of the world's leading cell-cultivated meat start-ups, , • Aleph Farms is raising Series B capital; Thai Union joins other leading investors in supporting the Company's growth plans, , , , , , Thai Union Group PCL (Thai Union) announced that its Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Fund has joined other industry-leading strategic and financial partners investing in Israel-based Aleph Farms '...
Matteo Tisei
July 7, 2021
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Aleph Farms
May 11, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- The research[1], published on May 11, 2021 by the journal Foods, affirms that cultivated meat is likely to make up a major part of consumers'...
Aleph Farms
December 7, 2020
/PRNewswire/ -- Positioning the nation at the forefront of a global alternative protein ecosystem, Israel's Prime Minister visited Aleph Farms, a cultivated...
Aleph Farms
November 18, 2020
/PRNewswire/ -- Aleph Farms Ltd. is heading towards the transfer of its commercial product - thin-cut beef steaks - into proprietary platform suitable for mass...
Clare Wilson
March 30, 2020
New Scientist
Lab-grown 'meat' often uses gelatin produced in slaughterhouses to give artificial beef a meat-like texture - but substituting soya protein can achieve that without killing animals
Aria Bendix
October 8, 2019
Business Insider
A spacecraft with vials of cow cells landed at the International Space Station in September. From there, cosmonauts fed the vials into a 3D printer.
Stephanie Mlot
October 8, 2019
Aleph Farms, in collaboration with the International Space Station, has successfully produced meat 248 miles away from natural resources. The Israeli food company, which last year developed the world's first lab-grown steaks, has ...
Charlie Filmer-Court
October 7, 2019
The Telegraph
Two hundred and forty-eight miles away from Earth and without a cow in sight, the first piece of beef has been grown in space.
May 15, 2019
The demand for protein is expected to grow 70% over the next 30 years as the global population increases significantly. With an eye to complementing its focus on animal protein, Cargill announced today it will invest in Aleph Farms, a cultured meat company focused on growing complex meat varieties like steak. Cargill is participating in a Series A investment round led by VisVires New Protein and joined by several other investors looking to move Aleph Farms' product from prototype to the c...


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