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CPT Capital

CPT Capital

A venture capital and private equity firm investing in food and material technologies.


CPT Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm investing in food and material technologies that is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and was founded in 2013. CPT Capital invests in companies making plant-based proteins to mimic animal proteins, recombinant animal proteins made through fermentation , and complete cell cultures grown in nutrient rich mediums. The firm has been a long-standing investor in alternative protein sources through the family office of Jeremy Coller. CPT Capital makes investments in companies improving the supply chains for animal products by replacing them with plant-based or clean meat alternatives.

CPT Capital has invested in over 35 companies as of August 30, 2019. Notable investments made by CPT Capital include: Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Perfect Day, Geltor, Bolt Threads, 3FBio, Blue Nalu, Good Catch Foods, Aleph Farms, and Redefine Meat (lead investor).

CPT Capital is a sponsor for the Good Food Conference, and the companies investment director, Costa Yiannoulis, has previously spoken at the conference about how investors are influencing the plant-based and clean meat industries.


CPT Capital was founded.


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