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Soma Capital

Soma Capital

Soma Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Aneel Ranadive.

Soma is a venture capital firm founded by Aneel Ranadive, who has invested in Cruise, Rappi, Embarktrucks, Astranis, and Lendup (their portfolio companies have a combined valuation of over $20 billion).

Aneel works with his father Vivek Ranadive, founder of Tibco (sold for $4.3 billion to Vista). Tibco software includes big data, analytics, event processing, and cloud services. Tibco originally digitized Wall Street and powers 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, including many banks, airlines, retailers, hotels, casinos, and government services. Vivek has been involved at the early stages with Google, Yahoo, Salesforce, and eBay; he mentored Steve Jobs in the early days of Next.

Vivek Ranadive owns the Sacramento Kings (NBA basketball). Soma Capital works closely with Bow Capital, Vivek Ranadive's later stage fund that anchors Soma Capital and sometimes leads the Series A and beyond for Soma Capital portfolio companies.


Soma Capital invests across consumer, enterprise, and healthcare at the seed stage, and includes education, energy, financial technology, health technology, and real estate investments.

Their exits include Cruise, Supr Daily, Houseparty, HeyDoctor, Bluecrew, Pillow, Open Listings, Paribus, Interviewed, Farm Hill, Yhat, Listenloop, This is L., and Omni.


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