Fifty Years

Fifty Years

Fifty Years is a venture capital seed fund based in San Francisco, California founded by Seth Bannon and Ela Madej in 2016 and focuses on investing in the impact technology market.

Fifty Years is an entrepreneur-run early stage venture fund based in San Francisco, California focused on investing in technology companies. Fifty Years funds companies which are attempting to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on synthetic biology and food technology companies. Fifty Years VC focuses primarily on seed stage investments into companies with built products and some market validation.

The fund was founded by Seth Bannon and Ela Madej in 2016, and formed its name from a famous essay "Fifty Years Hence" written by Winston Churchill in 1932.


Notable companies Fifty Years VC has invested in include: Geltor, Memphis Meats, Starsky Robotics, Astranis, and Cofactor Genomics.

In July 2019, Fifty Years VC announced they raised $50 million for their second fund. The fund will be used to invest in companies employing technology to improve food supply, healthcare and other areas with global impacts.

Fifty Years VC produces and supports, which is an event series for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors focused on solving problems through business.


Funded Companies


Driverless truck company based in San Francisco, California.

Seattle Food Tech is a food manufacturing technology and production company producing plant-based meats. They make plant-based food and plant-based chicken nuggets.

A satellite communications company building small telecommunication satellites.

Company working on in vitro diagnostics based in Canada.

A company developing smart contact lenses for monitoring glucose level in diabetic patients.

A company replacing petroleum-based chemicals with plant-derived alternatives

A pediatric urgent care clinic in Portland.

A prenatal genetic testing company

A company developing technology to increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries

A technology startup company developing software for collecting and managing data of healthcare providers

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